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RPL Wanderers - Season 22


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Welcome aboard guys

Cary brown
Keiths Dad
i'll post up some ideas of formation and positions later.
Hopefully everyone has missed a trick by not picking Barcelona and i've not made a huge mistake, only time will tell.
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I'm convinced with a full team and a little bit of possession play, we'll be contenders with this team.

I'll state a preference for Monster Masch in defence, so if nobody else feels strongly about the little tyke, could I take him please?

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Good to have so many new faces at the team this season (the last lot were ugly).

A pretty stable defence should help us make up for the teams lack of strength, whilst I'm sure Ricky and Sean are gonna rip it up at the front.

I'm happy to play wherever with whomever, though I'd prefer not to play CDM if we have two of 'em. Giving the attacking talent we have on offer, I can't imagine we will have two ;)

I'll be doing the stats as usual, so expect piss taking.

What are people's thoughts on having praccy games on a tue or wed night?

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My thinking was something like the following


With Pedro and Sanchez on the wings, and messi and villa upfront, until that is neymar gets updated ;)

As I think we need to make the pitch as big as possible, if we get to narrow we will just get bullied by the bigger teams

If it doesn't work we can swap it around,

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I would think about dropping Xavi to be honest. You need to have old beefy Biscuits as CDM to add some bite and height to the team.

My lineup (with the diamond) would be:

CDM - Busquets

Wingers - Pedro/Sanchez

CAM - Iniesta

Strikers - Messi/Neymar

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I'm not sure i'll be able to make midweek practices if we have them, But I'm normally on from 9 on Thursdays, if anyone else wants to join me and get some warm up games played then cool.

If enough people are up for starting early on Thursdays, I might see if we can get some games with another team.

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I'm picking up a copy of 13' tomorrow morning. I'll be in desperate need of practice after 7 months off this version. I will be willing to play a few games tomorrow night provided we have enough of us knocking about.

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I've just tried a couple of Seasons matches with Barca and found a formation and line up that could work well. Using the 433 attacking formation, and the following players (excuse the editing, I'm on my phone);


Alves Puyol Mascherano Alba

Song Biscuits


Pedro Messi Sanchez

Messi is wasted in a wide position, frankly, and despite being an Oompa Loompa, he's stupidly good in the air. Plenty of pace down the wings as well, with both fully capable of cutting in for a shot.

Iniesta is the key though - his dribbling is superb, so as long as whoever is using him doesn't keep his RT held down constantly, it should be easy enough to either work in one of the 3 players ahead of them, or open up for a stunning finesse shot.

Then we have Biscuits and Song snapping at everyone's ankles - forget Biscuits' pace, he's insanely brilliant. Then a standard backline, with Puyol instead of Mr I Can Only Turn Like A Fucking Tank Pique. We also have Neymar to look forward to, and Xavi and Villa are there to fill in for any injuries.

We'd be mixing an awesome front four with the brawn that appears to be Barca's downfall.

Oh Sean, in case you haven't already seen, it's currently 20 quid in Tesco if you have one local.

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