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RPL Wanderers - Season 22


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good games guys,

Mike do you fancie doing the managers job here at wanderers next season? i kinda find bap these days abit of a pain rather than enjoyment, that could just be because of the season we have had, but i wouldn't want to take the draft then end of the season still think bap is crap and pulling out, I might aswell speak up now and let someone else have a do at the draft,

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You can still win back the crowd with a storming performance in the Cup to take some silverware.

and starting the games on time rather than 15mins late ;)

(oh and apologies for my shocking performance at CDM in game 1 last night, although to be fair Busquets really is a fucking donkey).

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All reported.

Yays go to Sean for taking the any duties this season. You've done well, given the circumstances!

Boos go to Ricky and Cary, who only managed 10 and 8 games respectively. Poor attendance lets the whole team down :(

I think we will be playing in the 9.30 game Tommy. I'd not like to rate our chances of going much further than that! ;)

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