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RPL Wanderers - Season 22


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Anyway why I am on, there is an fantastic opening at Wanderers for ballboy/tealady/match reporting assistant,

The role will involve making cups of tea and coffee for the playing staff and collecting sean's wayward shots from the allotments behind the training ground while he learns what all those funny looking buttons do again.

The role may also slightly but not entirely include helping out with match reporting, including injuries and the like, if i'm away/can't be arsed.

Mike i'm looking at you here. //nudge nude wink wink// and another person wouldn't go a miss :)

its OK tommy you don't need to apply. No. Really. Don't apply.

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would anyone have a problem playing the earlier games this week for the cup? ive noticed most people are saying they can be around earlier on thursday so we should be ok??

Humdrum - let jamin know

Yes Boss!

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Not a idea start.

We seemed a bit lost at times. i'm sure it will come we just need to try and pick our passes a bit more,

maybe try to cut down on the throughballs we seemed to try and be putting messi clear every chance and it just wasn't happening.

it will come i'm sure.

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Granted we were pretty woeful but I definitely see some promise. I thought Ricky and Sean both looked tricksy up front and some of the wing play was decent.

The main issues are central midfield and the back line. We definitely need the CDM and CAM to be an outlet for the defence. Too often it seemed the CDM was playing very deeply covering defenders leaving a big gap when the ball came upfield.

Which leads onto the defensive line. As a fullback I'm looking to keep in line with my CBs but I noticed a lot of times where KeithsDad was hanging back while Tommy was up by the halfway line. Made it really easy for the opposition to nip in behind Tommy but stay onside for the through ball. We may need to do what we did last season and nominate one of the CBs to lead the line and everyone falls in step with them.

I get the impression Tommy prefers to play upfront ;)

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