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RPL Wanderers - Season 22


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Sorry for dropping out before the 2nd half replay, have to get up at 5am tomorrow and it was all taking far too long.

Just came on to say this really! After it was clear we was going to need another restart I had to call it a night, was up at 5am and had a load of packing to do! Apologies!

What an absolute fucking shambles that was. The first game was bad enough with all the restarts, but that second game was a travesty. For what it's worth, I personally think it would have been right to restart at 2-1, and let it serve as a lesson to everyone to let the team suffering a drop sort it out in terms of getting the match abandoned. That's not to say I'd have been happy about it, however. It was completely unsportsmanlike to carry on when it was blatantly obvious, after two fluffed goal kicks, that something wasn't right with our any, particularly as we were quick to put the ball into touch after City's keeper fumbled a clearance to Trevski earlier in the evening. Whilst I perhaps wouldn't go as far as Ricky's strongly worded protest after the fact, it's left a sour taste in my mouth, and honestly I'd prefer the match didn't count at all, with all it's fucking restarts and disallowed goals, even though we did get the win. Is there any precedence for a replay, or have we just got to stick it at this point?

Away from the unpleasantness though, we looked decent tonight, and certainly a lot better than we had done previously. Once we stopped lumping through balls to the strikers at every opportunity and played a possession game, we were in control, so more of that please.

Huh? What protest do you speak of?

Steady on Mr Man,

We just thought you guys were time wasting again ;), we thought your Any had dropped and fully expected a restart. When Wallace scored there was nothing to suggest anyone from your team wasn't playing, as in it wasn't as if we were running past uncontrolled players, although Wallace did skin someone.......

To be unsportsmanlike we would have had of known Mattie was dicking about with messages. As I said we were fully expecting a restart anyway so we were playing on until we got the invite from Hannah.

Now we find out it put Ricky in a Cream puff :lol:

I'm not in a "cream puff" Although I do have some "Cum Fluff" in my belly button this morning?

Anyway, it was a bit disastrous guys, BUT, when we passed the ball around, on the floor, and A pass, not through balls I thought we all did well, and managed to hold onto the ball at the right times, and release it when we needed too.

4 points is a good start.

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You know what the worst thing is?

Look what you all did to Keith's Dad, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. He probably sat in a cold shower after last nights events, rocking back and forth, remembering the good old days, spliced with slow motion moments of abject terror; Saint moaning, Ricky moaning, Humdrum probably moaning. It would have sounded like an exert from brokeback mountain.

Poor Keiths_dad :(

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Tenuously linked Lonely Island video of the week

After such a struggle in the friendlies and the cup, it was a relief to finally get a win. I may have been a bit too excited about it though.

Note: I didn't include trevs votes as he didn't get me the votes in a usable format. Ricky and Meerkat didn't supply anything :/

I ignored the MotM voting for the second game as it was bitty at best and didn't have stats for those games!

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Team for tonight

rb - alves - cary

rcb - abidal - tommymatt

lcb - puyol - kieths_dad

lb - tcharlie - alba

cdm - saintm - masherano

rm - - humdrum

cam - Xavi - ricky

lm - sanchez - trev

rs - messi - meerkat

ls - pedro - sean

Ricky iniesta is injured for a week. who did you want to replace him?

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Awww this bapness is doing my head in I was in I was out I was in I was out in the end I didn't get to play the last game wich I was looking forward to playing but I don't know what happened,please can we organise this better for next week

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Good stuff tonight lads, a bit unlucky to only take a point, but if we can play like that against the favourites there's no reason we can't go out every week and kick every other fucker right up the arse. Figuratively of course, I don't think they've put an Emlyn Hughes button in yet.

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