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RPL Wanderers - Season 22


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Is it still only halfway through the season?

Still time to turn it around then.. but I fear it needs some major re-organisation in the lineup. We're throwing away possession way too easily and not even giving ourselves a chance to compete at the moment.

A button passing should be the norm, not the exception.

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Little bit ofa change this week guys. and probably some more coming in the next week as well. unless we gets two wins tonight then I might think about keeping it the same.

rb - alves - cary

rcb - song - Saintm

lcb - masherano - kieths_dad

lb - abidal- trev

cdm - puyol - tcharlie -

rm - cesc - humdrum

cam - Xavi - tommy

lm - iniesta - humdrum

rs - sanchez - meerkat

ls - pedro - sean

I'll take the any this week sean, that way you can concentrate on your attacking position.

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Good first game, second was an utter pile of shite.

Even though we got done with the bounces pretty much every goal in the second game, we did ourselves no favors by inviting the pressure from our own kick off's as mike said.

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Great stuff in the first game, we were unlucky to lose. That second one was a disgrace though, it started well but once they hit us with that first one we fell apart. We've been far too inconsistent all season, and we're now bottom of the league. We need to lift our heads up now and make sure we don't fucking finish there.

That's not to say there were no positives tonight though. Tommy was great at CAM I thought, and he probably doesn't want to hear it but Mike was a beast at the back. Puyol at CDM was an inspired choice as well.

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We gave them sooo many chances from holding onto the ball too long in our own half. Really is basic stuff, but we need to be moving the ball around and not throwing games away like that.

I had to dump the comms or risk a hair-pulling, smoke out of the ears melt down :)

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I would certainly suggest sticking with the lineup though. We played well at times against the steroid-enhanced harlem globe trotters, so consistency and giving people time to settle into roles will help that.

LB/RB anys didn't really work out too well mind, though with the numbers down it's always gonna have to give somewhere.

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