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Shock! Several People Who Dislike: Wetrix


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Where did you get that second review from?

It's both the best and the worst review I have ever seen. I implore you to reveal your source.

The same place I get all of em, gamefaqs.

Too bad theres not too many reviewers like that there, or people would love these topics ;)

That review is a stunning piece of journalism.

I want him to write my biography.

I never can tell when people are joking (for the love of all things good, please tell me you are joking...)


Although I actually quite enjoyed reading it (like a car crash, it's hard not to look).

that second review is painful isn't it, like a really bad compére at a show trying to be too clever, like that fat woman that replaced Bob Holness on Blockbusters, silly cow

'Oh look, I'm flashing at you' she kept saying, fuck off

Badmouth the lovely Liza Tarbuck and you will have me to deal with, young man.

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