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Perfect Dark

DJ Sack

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Gah this game is so great, its not really a game is it, its an experience. You start off in the carringdon institute with no problems at all, talk to people, shoot people, try out gadgets, just run around this huge building, i must have spent a number of hours there before i even played the game.

The first level is brilliant, the way you can sneak in or take pot shots at the guards from the roof and through the doors, turn the lights off so no one can see you, shoot through the gaps in the stairs at unsespecting guards, grabbing the lifts. I spent around an hour on that level first time through, making sure everywhere was totally clear and empty.

The cut scenes are brilliant, well ok not brilliant but they work and have funny moments. Dr caroll is a complete git who i love shooting over and over and over again!

The weapons, well, the RCP90 in goldeneye was gods gift to men with small willies, but the RCP120, it eats bullets like a fat man eats a super sized burger in macdonlds, but what a gun! The slayer which you can control, the farsight to see through walls, the gadets such as night vision or the spy camera.

If MGS was in first person view, it'd be very similar to this game, especailly on perfect agent, you never ever want to get into a gun fight, you want to take people out slowly and quietly. Theres great set pieces like when the lights go out on the 3rd level, then come back on blinding you, the escape from the vault, controlling vehicals.

I could go on and write pages and pages about every single level.

the music is also good too, especially the faster versions of each tunes which appear during the all out shooting sections.

Multi player, goldeneye was good, this took it to the next level, who cares if the frame rate was often under 10fps, it was so bloody enjoyable! the temple with you being able to fall down the hole now, feclicity with her new spunky graphics, the bots who while a bit simple AI wise and always enjoyed killing themselves just to get you in an explosion were a welcome addition, being able to customise the game with individual players and see how far you have ever run, how many bullets shot, fav gun, awards you got. AC 10 anyone? Pick your own weapons and music for each level and create teams against bots, again i could go on and on about this, it was so great.

I just wish they had released it for the GC as a launch game, no graphics troubles then, it still looks good even today in hi res, and theres so many extras like the old goldeneye weapons, the extra levels you can unlock which are bastard hard, the voices where people shout and scream, nicking weapons and using them against the enemy, cloaking.

Im gona shut up now before i write 25 pages just on this game.

Go away you haters...well actually you may post as i dont care this is such a great game!

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Have you not done an Appreciation Thread or four on this yet? :D

But yes. Top game. Goldeneye's excellence taken to the next level.

I left for home on the last day of the school year early. It was wet and windy, I popped open the milk box, and there she was! By lunch time my orange inflatable chair was getting uncomfortable as I released Carrington, following smashing up his entire wine collection!

I got Halo the first day of this Summer as well, ironically enough.

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I have done an appreciation thread for this, but i dont care, this is just so great, it takes everything about goldeneye and inproves, the way the blood splatters against the wall from a head shot, and the reloading of weapons.

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I loved Elvis, but I never enjoyed PD as much as GE.

Not sure why. Partly because I loved the film of GE I suppose and the game stuck to it reasonably well. Also because GE just came out of nowhere - it was totally unexpected.

PD I was creaming myself in anticipation for ages. And whilst I enjoyed it, it just didn't grab me like GE had.

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I loved (or love) it too.

It's still plugged in my N64 next to the TV right now.

Apart from the single player game being excellent, the fact you could have multiplayer against 'sims' really swung it for me as I live quite far away from my pals and it really made a difference. Especially the upgraded GoldenEye levels.

EDIT - Ooooh, what was the level, might be that one ^ Area 51 part 2 with the crate where you could go get the Phoenix gun from a hidden bit upstairs?

Also, you come down in the lift after you get it, you can put Xray Vision on, see the blokes outside the lift doors, set the Phoenix to 2nd function and when the doors open you shoot the floor. Wicked.

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Yes, a brilliant game. I've played this for hours and hours. Technically it might have been a bit too ambitious sometimes, but it was a hell of a ride. I even bothered to get all the maximum scores for all the weapons on the shooting range. It didn't age well though, it gives me a headache to watch these days.

I did - I think it was Grenades that was the right bitch.

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It was the only game that I spent time simply shooting people in different parts of their anatomy, witnessing their animations...

Which, if I wasn't the pillar of society I am, I'd be quite worried about.

If only it wasn't so bloody blurry.

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I fucking loved this game. The only other game to beat this for hours clocked up was OoT.

I enjoyed playing against the sims for hours on end, then looking at my stats and seeing that I'd literally clocked up about a fortnight's worth of play-time.

I loved playing felicity, all shotguns and a few sims on a team game.


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I believe Edge had the right idea when the commented in their review that

If ever a game was in need of better technology, this was it

It pushed the N64 just too far and should probably have been held over onto the Gamecube. It had an excellent start but once all the Aliens crap took over (remember, due to the delays all the X-Files inspired paranoia had long since passed) I started to really dislike it. Up until about Air Force One it was fantastic and Chicago is one of the most atmospheric levels ever. A flawed gem, but a gem nonetheless. Assuming Rare still own the IP, they should port it to the XBox as I believe it would still stand up in todays market.

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Did I mention that Perfect Dark was using bullet time almost 2 years before Max Payne? One of the brilliant little ideas that the game sees fit to use once and then throw away, only to replace it with another equally brilliant new gimmick.

My favourite game ever, as well.

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