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Creed - Rocky's not done yet


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Watched a CAM recording of this online last night. Don't normally watch CAM recordings but this film wasn't really on my radar to watch so gave it a go out of curiosity. What a pleasant surprise. This is a really good film and definately up there with the best of the Rocky films. Think I'll make an effort to see it at the cinema now as well.

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Yeah, it's good, albeit a bit predictable, but that kind of goes with the territory.

I'd liked to have seen more of Appollo's widow, the starting scene and trailer seemed to indicate she would be an important character and then she all but disappears from the film after 10 minutes. Ditto Avon Barksdale, who was some kind of Creed relative, I kept expecting him to have some kind of crow eating scene which never came.

It was also conspicuous that although they talk about his death a lot they make sure they never show any clips of that fight (only brief bits from Rocky 1 and 2. Presumably because he was fighting a cartoon character and it wouldn't fit the tone of this film.

One star knocked off for a criminal lack of Eye of the Tiger.

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If the artists are looking to blame someone for less money coming their way due to piracy, they need look no further than their own studio who release thousands of high quality screeners this time of year in full knowledge that they will leak online.

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I've put down all the Rocky films in the past few days, and I'm so ready for this. I haven't re-watched any of them very often but they've got a damn good hit rate. 1, 2 and Balboa are legit great, and it's easy to forget how seriously dramatic they are. 3 and 4 are highly entertaining guff, in keeping with the 80s. Only 5 truly disappoints.

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So, rewatched the series over the last few days in preparation for seeing Creed on Sunday. It's a better series of films than I remember, I would rate them 2,1,RB,3,5,4. Talia Shire looks damn hot in 3. 4 is a bit naff though apart from the final fight.

2 is extremely well directed by Stallone, he is an excellent director when he puts his mind to it. 5 was much much better than I remember.

Also, I'm getting old - can't believe it's a decade since RB!!

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For me, it's:

1. Rocky

2. Creed

3. Rocky Balboa

4. Rocky 2

5. Rocky 3

6. Rocky 4

7. Rocky 5

Though admittedly it's been a while since I saw 2 or 5. I think Creed is outstanding, and perhaps only lower than Rocky because it owes such a debt to the original (and the last fight doesn't quite have the same emotional kick). 4 is dumb as rocks, but entertaining with it, which gives it the edge over 5 for me.

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