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The Great British Bake Off


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can't interpret Dorret's offering as anything other than a cry for help

"yes that's right. i'm inspired to create an homage to a piece by an artist who was suffering from suicidal depression when it was made."

i'm going to miss that terrified look in her eye though

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The different textures that made up Clarence the Crusty Lion were good.

As Paul Hollywood pointed out, there are some amazing salt dough sculptures out there but that forms a much harder bake that is easier to mould/sculpt.

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I think that decision was based on the course of the series and the fact that Flora continues to make the exact same mistake bake after bake. That being she ignores the basics and screws things up as she's too busy creating fluff to decorate with. If anything her technical bake last night should have shown her when she keeps it to the remit of the task she can do it well. Her signature bake was the sign she never learns. She ruined that tart because she was too busy concentrating on making macaroons that weren't required.

That said I'll miss her posh little voice.

In traditional bake-off style it should be a showdown between Nadia and Tamal, which means Ian will win despite not being anything other than average since week 4! I can't recall any of the favourites ever winning the final.

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Nadia has created some wonderful stuff, I thought the peacock tail was absolutely beautiful. Tamal has put out some impressive bakes, too, so he's got a good chance too. As for Ian, he's become too focussed on the theatre of it all. I thought the well was a great idea, but as a display of skill in working with chocolate it was severely lacking. Plus his performance in the technical was worse than Flora and his tart wasn't rated. I think he probably should have gone, even though I agree completely with Johnny that she didn't really ever curb (or try to address) the fluff.

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