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Garage Rock/ Garage Punk

Oh Danny Boy

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A thread for all things Garage rock and Garage punk. From the hell raising rock n rollers of the late 50's/60's who influenced the later heavy rock and punk sound to its 80's rebirth which saw the likes of the Cramps and Thee Headcoates and current bands such as Thee Oh Sees.

For anyone who wants to know more about Garage rock a good starting point are these comps;





Poster boys of 60's Garage rock the Seattle rockers the Sonics

Some I've been listening to recently:

The Novas:


The Chocolate Watch Band:


The Standells:

Show the love for some true rock n roll music

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Nuggets is essential for anyone looking to explore 60's music. It introduced me to some great bands. Back from the Grave, is one of the best comps for 60's garage rock (7 volumes on cd 8 on lp), I got the first 3 and really do need to get the whole set one day.

Continuing the 60's garage rock love:


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The Nuggets are compilations of diminishing returns - personally, I find the second British one just doesn't dig as deep as first. All are worthwhile though except the most recent one they did, which was abysmal. My favourite 60's Garage Rock stuff is The Sonics and...

The Seeds - Pushin Too Hard

Pure teenage angst,

The Human Beinz - Nobody But Me

Used to ridiculously grin-inducing effect in Kill Bill - nobody but me enjoyed that moment in the cinema!

Count Five - Psychotic Reaction


The drumming on this is brilliant. The pace, the changes. Amazing.

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Still the best kept secret though is the 76-84 Aussie Garage Punk scene. I still get a bit giddy when 6music randomly decide to play something from that decade, as it's such a rare occurrence.

The Saints


I'm Stranded makes it onto plenty of comps. these days but all three of their first albums (each released 77-78-79) are absolutely classic albums. Know Your Product remains a favourite and brought the horn-section that became a bit of a fixture with later LPs

Radio Birdman


Definitely the band most influenced by The Stooges (took their name from a misheard lyric on '1970'), incredible amount of energy on stage - the greatest hits on SubPop is well worth seeking out.

The Scientists


Influenced Kurt Cobain with their later swamp-rock sound (See: 'Swampland'), but the early stuff is very much the domain of Garage.

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