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Cube And Xbox System Sellers?


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Been thinking about this lately, and I can only really come up with a couple for each.

Cube: Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart, Metroid, Zelda *

XBox: Halo, PGR2 and KOTOR (at a push).

I know people will dispute MKDD and KOTOR, but I personally think their profiles made people buy that machine. Even PGR2, I suppose, but it's clearly the best online racer by a very long way.

What others do you consider to be absolute blockbuster titles? Not just good niche games, but the absolute cream that make people want to own that console.

* EDIT: can't believe I forgot Zelda. *hangs head*

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I believe the Gamecube (in the UK) appeals to Nintendo fans, gamers on a budget and a random selection of gamers who fancy one or more individual games according to their taste. I don't see there being any killer apps or system sellers in terms of mass market appeal. The Xbox has Halo but I'm not convinced it's a true system seller either.

To be honest I think marketing sells consoles and only Sony have got that right. MGS, GTA, GT3 etc. are all system sellers cos they got into the publics minds. They're not necessarily the best games it's just that the public at large has actually heard of them whereas Metroid Prime and Top Spin are probably recognised by a much smaller number of people and appreciated by even less.

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I was talking to a friend about games and he was asking what games I actually had for my Gamecube. I went through the list, and h was shocked to see I didn't have Resident Evil. He was under the impression, and honestly believed, there was no other reason to own a GC other than for the fact it had Resident Evil.

Not that he bought a GC for RE, but, you know.

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While the Cube has its fair share of system sellers I'd argue that only Halo and Splinter Cell have worked as system sellers for the Xbox. Even now, nearly two years after its launch, Halo is part of the current bundle.

XSN might have worked if they had promoted it properly. I doubt PGR2 sold many systems, it's more a question of people already owning an Xbox getting it.

And to be honest, while I think it has a great lineup for 2004, I doubt many of those titles will be system sellers either. It seems the greatest system seller for the Xbox is its specifications.

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.::: If I take a look from behind the counter then it would be something like this (in order of appearance);

GC: Metroid Prime, The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker, SoulCalibur II, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

XBX: HALO, Splinter Cell, Console+Game(s) Bundles.

Keep in mind that this is based upon my own personal experince about what DOES sell in fairly large quantities. I don't want to start any fanboyic heavy arguments here.

Out of all of those titles btw, only HALO, Metroid Prime and Mario Kart: Double Dash!! keep selling steadily and are often bought together with a console even if there is no bundle containing them. Although the last one is arguably still within it's 'launch-schedule'.

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Is MotoGP(2) on xbox no longer a prequisite then?

.::: Never has been. There was a small surge in sales during the XBL launch.

Live-enabled titles are a bit of a mystery to me. They simply don't sell that well, yet if you take a look online everybody has and is playing Title X.

This either means we (the shop) are completly out of touch with what is selling, or (which is more likely because other shops around us seem to confirm this) it's purely a very hardcore Live-bunch buying it pronto with the rest of the public ignoring it.

If BG&E had been an online game, then to us it would seem like everybody was playing it. While in reality it simply wouldn't sell at all.

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.::: At that time it sucked indeed (don't go rolleyes on me, if I could I would have had sex with SSX3), I couldn't get into it and didn't grba me, yet. Biggest disspointment was a totally soulless Ridge Racer V, though.

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