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Cast Of Characters (quiz)


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See if you can identify the games from the initials of each playable character, and the year it came out.
Not all of them are retro games, but I thought this might be the best place to put it. If any mods disagree, move it on out.
There are a couple of pretty obscure ones, but I have faith in the rllmuk hive mind.
Feel free to make up your own ones and post them too!

1) B, L, H (1993) - DAY OF THE TENTACLE (Qazimod)
2) S, S, P, D, H, E, M, S, S (2007)
3) PW, S, R, MR, A, T, C, FB, F, DB, K (2005)
4) T, T, Q, M (1985) - GAUNTLET (SeanR)
5) F, Z, L, B (2008) - LEFT 4 DEAD (merman)
6) CC, MtK, GtN, BH (1991) - CAPTAIN COMMANDO (RobNoyce)
7) R, K, CL, EH, B, Z, G, D (1991) - STREET FIGHTER 2 (SeanR)
8 ) C, H, G (1989) - FINAL FIGHT (SeanR)
9) M, T, E, F (2000)
10) M, L, PP, KT, B, DKJ, T, Y (1992) - SUPER MARIO KART (merman)
11) H, G, D, K, K, C, C, M (2005) - KILLER 7 (Bob Caviar)
12) EtS, BtF, OtS (1992) - THE LOST VIKINGS (Fry Crayola)

13) C, R, E, N (2009) - LEFT 4 DEAD 2 (merman)
14) D, R, F, S, K, K, A, N (2008) - THE CLUB (Wiper)
15) TD, NB, TM, ER (2008)
16) M, X, M, S (1986)

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Yes, and yes. Nice one.

Six left. First three are probably the easiest.

14 is, in my opinion, the third-best game in this list, though it bombed commercially.

15 is a tough one, but it's a game that sold millions.

16 is from some obscure UK 8-bit title. I'll be super-impressed if anyone gets it.

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