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Season 23 sign up - BAP

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We'll be making the transition to FIAF14 at the end of Season 22. We're sticking with XBox 360 for the foreseeable, but once the dust has settled after the release of the new consoles we'll start to look at the best direction from the league from there on.

Important dates

Thu 12/09 - Final S22 league fixture

Thu 19/09 - Cup week

Thu 26/09 - [no games]

Fri 27/09 - FIFA14 release date

Sun 29/09 - S23 draft

Thu 03/10 - S23 Athletico cup

Thu 10/10 - First S23 league fixture

Please confirm your inclusion in Season 23 by posting as such in this thread.

Current managers, please also include whether you are continuing in the role.

Forced changes

Timmo has come to the end of his time as manager, so as it currently stands Graham Dunn will be taking over the reins at Town.

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I'm in. Also giving up the managers gig, with Wincho (I assume) taking over.

Edit: Fuck sake Wincho! I'll stay on unless there is someone new who wants to have a go :)

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In. I think I'll be doing the pants + game deal from Zavvi though, and I'm not confident in Zavvi's ability to get the game to me in time for the cup.

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This is an outrage!! /Harrison

Surprised you're jumping so soon considering there may be a whole load of bugs.

I'm going to say out, because I don't really want to pay full price for a game I won't get any single player action out of.

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