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Falcom Thread - Awww Ys


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Faxanadu still holds up and is on the Virtual Console. If anyone got into the PSP Falcom games (like me), it's definitely worth going back to their early stuff.

Seven was my first Falcom game and I really liked it but after playing Oath and Chronicles, I think it's easily the weakest of the ones I've played. The bump combat in 1 & 2 is so fun! The music is amazing in all of them though.

Can't wait for Second Chapter and Memories of Celceta. Falcom single-handedly made me adore my PSP so hopefully they can do the same for my Vita.

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[i am aware the joke in the topic title does not make sense since Ys is pronounced like "eece" from fleece than "yiss"]

Aww. Thats what I came into the thread to correct you on! May I suggest "Ys are good, Ys are good!" instead? :)

I've only ever played Ys on the Master System and a little bit of the third one on PSP. I think I want to play the remake of the first two though - I never got along with the bump combat as a kid, but these days I see it as something really unique and interesting.

Awesome effort on the opening post too. Not enough +1's for the information and knowledge there.

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Faxanadu still holds up and is on the Virtual Console.

Oops. hadn't realised that! I'll have to seek it out.

There's probably a few others I've missed such as Gurumin on the PSP and the nearly finished fan translation of Zwei 2 (with Zwei also partially complete) but I don't have much knowledge about those so I felt it was wrong to put up partial information. :)

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Not a single music track mentioned Mr Jeff ? You call yourself a Ys fan too, pffft :P

Valestein Castle is so good. :wub:

I was originally going to add music tracks into the media tab for each but I'd just end up posting most of the OSTs and Arranged Soundtracks because a lot of it is so good!

There was also meant to be screenshots as well but I'd spent about 12 hours on the post by that point and I was feeling tired...

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I want to like the Ys series, but I'm struggling with Oath in Felghana. The levels are too easy and the bosses are too hard. I can't think of a game with more severe difficulty spikes.

After I've been struggling with La-Mulana, I find it strange that you're calling this tough! ;)

What difficulty are you playing on? If it's normal, very often you'll find that a single level will provide a wold of difference. Or you may have missed or not upgraded some gear which will also cause a drop in performance. A good number of the bosses can essentially be powered through by spending 10 or so minutes leveling and then slapping their shit.

When it comes into Hard mode, you then have to start looking to seeing attack patterns and utilising things like the Earth Magic's brief window of invulnerability. The final boss on Oath on Hard mode took me over 4 hours of attempts.

I've yet to attempt Nightmare mode on anything yet...

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Bloody hell man, that's about 4 times as big as I expected when you first mentioned it :hat:

I never expected it to be such a big post! I started thinking about all the questions usually ask "what's it about? Why does it look shit? Why is it great? When do I start having fun? Why is Boss XXX so hard?" and it kinda spiraled from there. Then I figured I may as well write about TiTs and then suddenly the next game is announced.

At least I finished it while the sale is still going on for the PSN. (All PSN Ys games and TiTs are discounted, buy now!)

Reminds me I still have a copy of Oath to give away on Steam to make it the 20th copy I've bought...

I started Trails in the Sky tonight thanks to this thread. It's lovely. :wub:

It's packed full of charm from the get go! I always especially liked the message you get from treasure chests after you empty them. :wub:
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That's where Y's truly began!


That one mis-spelling could cause so much strife

No mention of the Sega Master System originals?

I was initially trying to keep it on topic of where people would be most likely to play the games nowadays and there's not many that would go back to the Master System for it. I'll make a small edit to include it though.
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Everyone knows the Master System sound chip is beautiful, etc!

No worries, just teasing. I am filled with misplaced pride about this series starting on the MS though. With 99% of things starting on the NES or whatever else instead. It's great that an ongoing popular series like Ys started from the first console I owned. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I've been threatening to do this for a while but I've begun my playthrough of Ys: Oath on Nightmare difficulty and have been recording the boss fights. Normally I guess you'd do a proper "Let's Play" style video showing every boring bit of detail but I've decided to get to the meat of the game.

Since this is the game I recommend to people more than any other, I thought I'd start here.

How far I'll manage to get before I wuss out and go back to Hard mode is another question.

As they're the boss fights, obviously expect spoilers as it progresses. The videos are a bit janky since my machine is probably past it but hey, what can you do.

Boss 1:

More of a mid boss really but I still managed to die a few times trying to remember the patterns.

Boss 2:

This boss on the other hand was a pain in the ass. Mainly because the last 2 times, I've brute forced my way through it without learning the mechanics. At least 40 deaths on this. The tricky thing is jumping the sideways slash. You're tempted to jump to the noise of the attack but in reality you have to wait for it to almost hit you before jumping since it has a slight homing effect otherwise.

Fun though.

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I'll probably do these in twos unless they really start causing me agony. Saying that, the next boss is meant to take about 10 minutes to kill on Nightmare....

Boss 3:

Pretty simple fight but probably helped by having a decent level at this point. Took a lot of damage though.

Boss 4:

One of my least favourite fights. I found it difficult to judge when he was flying high and when he was low leading to a lot of excess damage and wasted movement. Had to climb a couple of levels to get some decent damage going.

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Boss 5:

Slightly dreading this one as it the fight was rumoured to last at least 10 minutes if you're unlucky but I did not too bad I think. Nightmare mode makes this more difficult by turning over all the platforms leaving nothing but spikes whereas lower difficulties leave at least 1 row of flat tiles.

It can be a pretty dull fight though since most of the time you're waiting to attack.

Boss 6:

This boss was a bit of a shock. It comes after a dungeon where the standard mobs have significantly increased damage which alone took me 3 hours to get though. The boss itself took over about 50 attempts. Trickiest aspect is getting rid of the first phase as soon as possible and the charge attack in the second phase which does half your life bar in damage.

Preemptive prediction, Boss 8 will make me cry.

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Prediction correct! Boss 8 ended up taking me two and a half hours and 50+ attempts. Despite that, it was still somehow kind of perversely fun.

Boss 7:

Initially I was trying to blast through each of them one by one but it's actually easier to reduce their individual health while they're all alive since while there's more attacks, they're smaller and easier to avoid.

Also, I defeated them once but then realised I'd left my podcast running in the background so I had to re-record it...

Boss 8:

I knew going into this fight it would be rough since I've struggled previously but goddamn is this fight hard. If you don't keep on your toes using earth magic to negate damage you get your shit slapped quickly.

Also, near the end, it's easier to be picked up and dropped than it is trying to avoid the icicles, the shockwaves and being picked up.

Well halfway point now. Shame that all the forthcoming fights are fucking hard as nails though. I will persevere*!

*For a given value of persevere.

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Yeah there's multiple difficulty levels. Goes from Very Easy > Easy > Normal > Hard > Nightmare > Inferno

The fact there's a difficulty level beyond Nightmare is just boggling.

Normal's pretty reasonable though; you'll die a couple of times but nothing some new equipment or a single level wouldn't fix.

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Another two bosses down. One of them not as bad as I feared, the other was more about figruing out the right way to attack. Main stumbling block was actually starting the dungeon. There always tends to be a jump in monster damage when beginning a new area but it makes sense really.

Boss 9:

For the life of me I couldn't work out how to avoid the missile attack or the sequential rush so I ended up taking some moderate damage from that. Other than that it was just mainly just proper aiming of magic and timing attacks.

Boss 10:

Tricksy little bastard this. I initially tried to keep close and dodge in near point blank range but some of the later attacks are a pain to dodge if you're too close. After some research, it seems like using a long distance fireball spam attack works best. That said, the attack near the end where he bounces round the room randomly is a nightmare.

Possibly overstating this but Boss 12 next is meant to be a significant stumbling block so that should be fun.

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