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There isn't one really. Blizzard have got wise to the impact of cards like Boom and stopped making them. I think the best legendaries are the class cards this expansion, with Varian being the best. The Shaman, Paladin and Mage ones could be good, but it's hard to tell without playing them. I don't really rate the rest of the class legendaries though, and I think Aviana and Paletress especially are dust traps.

When it comes to Neutrals, Saraad is probably going to be worth having, but is a fairly situational card. The two 3 mana legendaries Lightbane and Darkbane will also definitely be worth picking up just because they have awesome stats and good inspire effects, but again, who knows how you'll fit them in to your existing decks. The rest of them are average to awful though. Chillmaw will see play in Dragon decks, and Justicar Trueheart will be amazing for control decks like Priest/Warrior. The rest of them are pretty bad though.

Except for one. I think Gormok the Impaler is going to be sleeper OP, especially in token druid, aggrodin and any other deck that floods the board. Really excited about that card.

Varians so good I half expect them to go "hang on, this is the actual card we meant to show". In a class that has decks that already may include them, potentially summoning Ysera, Rag and Grom, AND getting a 7/7 for 10 mana is insane. Obviously that won't happen very often, but even putting a smaller creature on the board and drawing 2 other cards is bloody good. The only slight risk is battle cry creatures, as I believe it's been confirmed they won't trigger, so it'll make your shieldmaidens and Dr Booms worse. But even then it's still worth it, and the upside far, far outweighs it. If I don't get him in my packs, he's the first thing I craft, straight into my warrior deck. If he were neutral, he'd be the new Dr Boom. Probably more so.

I've also been convinced that The Mistwalker won't be as good as I originally thought (which was he was holyshitballs OP, potentially). From turn 7, all your minions have +1/+1, which sounds great, but your turn 6 play is a 4/4, which unless you're lucky puts you behind on the board and loses you tempo. You then have to play at least 3 minions just to out stat a Boulderfist Ogre, and even then only by 1 attack. His effect his too slow unless you can reliably control the board till turn 6 and play him "safely".

Came home hoping my packs would be ready to open.....damn you Blizzaaaaaaaaard!!!!!

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I think it's more stingy to not even give everyone a free pack as a tempter/taster (they did that with Gnomes/Goblins right or I am miss-remembering?

Their first card pack expansion. Not happening again. Same reason there wasn't a free week in Blackrock like naxx

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TGP you're almost convincing me to just buy a load of classic packs instead.

Oh, that's just the legendaries though. It's the common and rare cards that are the exciting ones. And Varian seems like he is going to be ridiculous.

I'm really hopeful that Mid-Range Shaman will become a thing, Tuskarr Totemic and Totem Golem are insane cards, and Thunder Bluff Valiant is like Quartermaster for your totems. Elemental destruction also has the potential to be absolutely incredible if you play it right.

Druid is going to become really good too. Darnassus Aspirant is probably the most OP card in the set and make the standard combo decks even stronger. The number of beasts they've added for Druid means beast druid could well become a thing. The new 1 mana card is fantastic too, and with Gormok, will be one of the things that makes token druid viable again.

Mage has a ton of new fun stuff that will make it even crazier. Spellslinger, Effigy and Polymorph Boar all look like a lot of fun, and I can see Tempo and Mech mage running them.

The introduction of Twilight Guardian is also huge for Dragon decks. The introduction of a taunt with the dragon tribal is really important, as is the introduction of a viable dragon 4 drop (the only other one is Twilight Drake and that's kind of pointless in anything but Warlock imo). It means that you can replace Sludge Belcher and free up that all important 5 mana slot. It also means that your curve is much cleaner, and also makes Blackwing Technician more viable, as your dragon decks will finally have more than 4-5 dragons in them. I can see Paladin, Warrior, Priest and Mage all having solid dragon decks in a couple of months.

Almost every class got something that will make their existing decks better, or might create a new type of deck. The only exceptions to this I can see are Rogue and Warlock, who just got weird pointless stuff all around. Especially Rogue. I don't like any of their class cards.

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Some things people might not be aware of that always happen with a new expansion.

Constructed: This is the time people start experimenting with new cards. The meta is in total flux and lots of the decks you come across have the potential to be bad. If you want to grind ranks, now is the time to do it with a current deck that already works.

Arena: Everytime a new expansion hits, lots of people who haven't played for ages come back to the game. They have a go at the Arena, and they are bad at it. So for the next couple of weeks, the Arena will get easier because of the influx of people who don't normally play it. If you want to try and get 12 wins, the next couple of weeks is the time to do it. I'm almost an infinite arena player (6.3 win average in BRM era), so if anyone wants any tips when playing/drafting, feel free to add me and I'll be happy to help out (krlmarxbeard#2934).

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29 decks - good selection of mage cards (love being mage) and Confessor Paltress as a Legendary

Seemed to get a Bolster in every pack though!

Haven't looked through for golds/garbage to dust but made 200 as well

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Got in for a while on iOS, not sure if common knowledge but in the shop 7 packs was £2.29, I bought 4 lots - the confirmation message said 2 packs but it definitely credited me with 7. My lad had the same on his iPhone. May be iOS only glitch.

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