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Fox has landed Gotham, from Warner Bros. TV and The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller, with a series commitment.

For Gotham, Warner Bros TV is mining one of DC Comics‘ most popular character universes, Batman.

It explores the origin stories of Commissioner James Gordon and the villains who made Gotham City famous.

In Gotham, Gordon is still a detective with the Gotham City Police Department and has yet to meet Batman, who will not be part of the series.

The Gordon character was introduced in 1939 in the very first Batman comic. Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, Commissioner Gordon has appeared in comic books as well as Batman films and series, including in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, where he was played by Gary Oldman. Along with the Superman franchise, the Batman universe is probably the most prized DC property.

So probably something akin to the Gotham Central book? This almost happened about a decade ago but never got commissioned,,

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I dunno guys, there's something quite cool about seeing villain origins, also imagine the scene where Bane is wreaking havoc in a supermaket, piledriving the staff off the freezers whilst Gordans there just shitting himself, hiding behind the bread-rolls.

Seriously though this has got a lot of promise.

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If they keep the tone and stories of the Gotham Central comics it'll be great. But sounds like a completely different approach to those stories. Batman was still a presence and appeared as a shadow in the odd panel. It was much more a kind of GCPD Blue with Joker and Penguin as the crims and it looked at the effects that Batman has on the City and the police force from within the force and it was facking brilliant.

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Notwithstanding, it's a alt-world female Xmen series that was set-up after the popular show Xena warrior princess, in this Xavier's daughter Patricia (middle), Sam Summers (Left) and X-23 (right) hunt down new friends to join the Xmen - whilst also managing a struggling female baseball team.

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presumably it's from a Birds of Prey series


The Batman legend takes an unexpected turn when the Caped Crusader vanishes from the crime-ridden Gotham City and his legacy is taken over by a trio of beautiful and relentless heroines – the Birds of Prey. Barbara Gordon started out as Batman's protégé, Batgirl, but an attack by The Joker left her a paraplegic after being shot in the back, and she uses a wheelchair. Reinventing herself as Oracle, she takes under her wing Helena Kyle, the secret daughter of Batman and Catwoman, who quickly grows into the fierce and beautiful "Huntress". Into this group comes Dinah, a teenage runaway who is drawn to the city by meta-human visions. With the help of the only honest cop in the city now called New Gotham, Detective Jesse Reese, the Birds of Prey fight their first battle against a mysterious madman who is bent on destruction.

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On 25/09/2013 at 13:04, Mr Retroid said:

Playlist here if anyone's contemplating suicide but needs that little extra push.


Edit: first season don't work but the rest seems fine? Well still awful but you know what I mean.

First season? Think it only ran 13 eps..

EDIT - ah.. they episodes are just chopped up/titled badly/inconsistently in that link..

It wasn't any worse than Smallville in general but Dina Meyer was the only member of the cast that was any good..

Plus she did look pretty nice in the suit.. unfortunately you only saw it mostly in one ep..


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