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EVENT: The Videogame Market - 15/03/14 - THIS SATURDAY!


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I guess it's just closer to the organisers perhaps?

Yep, we are based in Leeds so thought that for the first one we may as well do it close to home. We are looking into doing these all over the country as i agree, there is rarely anything down south. If anyone has suggestions as where we should do the next one then let me know, would it be better to do middle of the country or further south?

trading wise, basically bring along anything you have to trade, but its upto the stall holder to determine if they would do a trade or not or what they would value your games at, you may not want to bring lots of ps2 footy games to trade as no one will take them, also there are professional sellers there and people selling their own collections so you may get different responses from different sellers as to trading.

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Christ, that needed to be in a bigger venue. Was pretty horrible to try to move around. Still a big queue outside. Plenty of people buying, but the majority of what I saw tended to be eBay prices or (sometimes far) higher. Picked up a couple of cube games for a fiver, but that was all. Think I would definitely go for a stall next time, as there were plenty of willing buyers, even at the prices being asked. I suspect there were bargains to be had, but it was so rammed I didn't really want to fight my way through to look for them.

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I'm still fighting the fight.. About to pass out due to the heat but don't want to leave because of the one in one out.

Some prices definitely on the high side but also got some great bargains!

My fears about spending too much definitely came true though.

Safe to say its been a success!

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Just drove over from Hull for this. Tons of people there, very impressed with the turnout. Unfortunately I had to wait in a queue for over an hour to get in. When I did get in, it was rammed (and very hot) so much you couldn't really get in to look at stuff easily. I had a look around but there was nothing of interest for me. So, yeah, top turnout by gamers, just a shame the venue was too small, and the quality fo what was for sale, lacking (for me anyway).

In desperation, I ended up going to GAME and buying Titan Fall and Dark Souls so it wasn't such a wasted journey.

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Picked up the following (bit of an id theme going on)

PC Big Box stuff:


All bar Ultima and Stonekeep were a £1 each. Got chatting to the guy he basically picked them up from a car boot himself for a quid and now just wanted to pass them on.

PS1 Stuff:


Paid the going rate for most of these bar Bushido, Dark Forces and Wing Commander which were £2 each.... Only PS1 game I didn't come away with that I wanted was Silent Hill

Final few odd and ends:


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It's mental.. Spent WAY too much in first half hour!





Will try and take some better pics if it calms down

I can spot the top of my head on that picture!

I was sandwiched between the cool pixel bead pictures, the outrun framed pixel bead was awesome and forbidden planet, was selling my personal collection.

I had a quick scan around and a few of my games were priced at almost half the price of some stalls that had similar games, I understand those guys are businesses though, buying/trading.

It was an incredible turnout and I'm pleased all the retro people were there, great chatting to some people about classics.

Quite a few people did say there weren't a lot of traders NOT actually taking retro trade ins, which was encouraged.

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went to this yesterday, queued for 30 minutes to get in, the heat was absolutely unbearable by the end. i didnt pick up anything myself but my friend bought a saturn (£30!) and a few games, a retro purse and some PS1 game i had never heard of.

looking forward to the next one, hoping though that the venue is different as that one just couldnt cope with the amount of people attending.

shame i didnt see this thread until today. would have been nice to see home folk.

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@ U-1 - saw that you bought Wrath Unleashed on the Xbox, very good call, sir. That was as close as we ever got to a "next gen" (at the time) remake of Archon. I sank weeks into that game on the Xbox but it sadly sank without trace, it definitely deserved a wider audience and a sequel on the PS3/360. Hard game to get into but definitely worth the time investment. Enjoy.

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Hi everyone, i have finally recovered from the weekend (and what a weekend it was) so I wanted to give a massive thanks out to everyone who attended, sold at and helped us out at the VideoGame Market on Saturday, its great to see soo many people who are interested in retro gaming, i met lots of great people, caught up with lots of old friends and I'm so happy to see the scene being embraced so well.

It was a successful day all round i believe, but there were a number of issues. As it was the first event it was a sort of unknown, we were kind of testing the market for this, but its a learning experience and we can now plan bigger and better for the next one and plan accordingly so we don't get the same issues as this one.

The turnout for this took us completely by surprise to be honest, we always thought that there was a demand for a purely sales event but never on that level. So a truly heartfelt thank you for everyone who waited patiently to get in and putting up with the heat and the crowding.

We were expecting around the 4/500 mark to turn up over the course of the 6 hours, this is the standard type of volume that the comic fairs, toy fairs and vinyl fairs get in Leeds. We also looked at the big events like Play Expo, Revival, Nerg, Geek, they get lots more visitors but as they have so much more on offer than just selling and are designed to keep you there and entertained for a whole weekend, people go to them for a larger number of reasons, so we honestly believed that 4/500 was a realistic number for the day........ but we actually had over 1500 tickets sold! (and thats not including all of the under 16s who came in for free).

The venue had a maximum capacity which we reached early on, and then for health and safety reasons it had to operate on a one in one out policy, so unfortunately it did mean that people had to wait for long periods of time, but as the day went on the queues went down and in the end everybody would have been able to get in. We went through the queue a few times apologising for the wait, giving out sweets and t shirts and everyone we spoke to seemed ok with it (and it looked like a lot of people were making new retro buddies in the queue). So thanks for the patience and understanding guys, hope you all got some good pickups inside.

We definitely need a much much larger venue next time and that is what we will get for you guys! In hindsight we should have gone for the main hall room, it is massive and would have had the space to accommodate everyone easily but we have learned a lot from Saturday and we can now plan accordingly for future events now we have real tangible numbers to work with. Let us know your thoughts too, what did you enjoy, what didn't you like, what did you buy too?

Personally, it was great to see so much retro goodness in one room, i love seeing all of the games, machines and fellow enthusiasts. Thanks again for coming, thanks to everyone involved and I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the next one.

Roll on the sequel!! .....


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I visited at about 3, which meant I could walk right in, though I'd probably missed some of the most interesting stuff. By that point, the room was a bit on the warm side and could've done with a little... ventilation.

Some really nice stuff on show - had to resist the little cocktail cabs and the custom Gameboys.

There were a few people who seemed to be charging more than usual for items. It seems weird, as the geek crowd are a fastidious bunch who are aware of the value of things, but I suppose haggling was the order of the day.

Also, one of the arcade cabs was Sega Rally, controlled by a stick! Madness!

Looking forward to the next one.

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My pickups from the videogame market :-) I think i did ok, i didnt buy anything until the very end as i was a very busy boy all day :lol:

thanks to gunstar for the virtual boy game, much appreciated :-)
vectrex mutlicart was from retrotowers who did me a nice deal, its all cased up now and in the vectrex.
the 2 hyper neo geo boards were £25 for the pair (buriki one and samurai showdown), 3 dc games were £40 from a fellow forum seller and the 32x bundle was £70 for the lot.

So i achieved my aim in not bringing back more than i sold at least :-)

currently debating venues and locations for the next one, i can gurantee it will be a bigger venue this time :-)

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