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FTL6 - Team Selection Go!


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Players who took part in FTL5 get priority, but extra bodies are welcome if we can get the numbers up for 2 leagues.

FTL5 Peoples who are in for FTL6:

Pants - In

Tomakasatnav - In

Wincho - In

Manic - In

AlfromSleep - In

Cary Brown - In

XYZgames - In

Mardigan - In

Rocafella - In

Timmo - In

Sith - In

GrahamDunn - In

Pompey - In

Steely - In

Jamin - In

Baring - In


Keiths_Dad - In

Tomox - In

Andy S - In

Put your name down here if you are interested, will be looking to have the next season up and running by the end of next week.

This will be a standard UK teams only, the weaker players getting first picks and star rating caps on the better players, rather than last seasons method of assigned teams.

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I'll join in if you're short bud.

I might be a tad flakey with organising games due to looking after the little one, but I imagine I would see people online and get the games played.

If thats not cool, ill join again next year when she sleeps properly lol

Edit: I will help you run another game of Scum though :) whether im in or not.

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XYZ and Roca said they are IN too so only a couple left to confirm :)

If anyone who hasn't played before is thinking about it then get involved. Best games of FIFA you will get plus a more intricate transfer system than real life managers have to deal with.

This. The FTL and BAP were the only thing that kept me from binning FIFA 13 ages ago!

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Use all 20 prem clubs Steel?

That would be ace.

You could set the fixtures out like real life. Or is that too much?

Either way I'm looking forward to it :)

Oh lord that is so very very tempting! Few logistical issues though (For starters the fixtures would be like last season play who as and when you can, certainly made life easier for everyone I think), let me consult the team!
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Come on lads, surely there is someone else who fancies this... Don't be afraid. Tutorials will be given to newcomers, previous winners will be ripped from their decadent lives. Matches will be arranged. Victories will be enjoyed. Tears will be shed. Steely and Wincho will be spared as they learn to serve true justice. But this great game... It will endure. The FTL will survive!

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