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FTL6 - Team Selection Go!


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Is there a thread where I can see the rules etc?

There shouldnt be much change from this one but I will post the finalized draft once everyone has picked there teams and the roster sheet is ready.


The Spreadsheet with all the info can be found here.



First off you must PM me with your Perk choices before you can finilize any deals.

-You have 10 perks points to assign.

-You can only choose a maximum of one perk from each section.

Injury Prevention

A magic sponge can be used to return a player to full fitness, invincible would mean a player can never be injured. A magic sponge can be used anytime during the season, to mark a player as invincible you must do so before the transfer window closes. If you sell an invincible player they are no longer invincible.

1 Magic Sponge - 1 Perk Point

2 Magic Sponge - 2 Perk Points

3 Magic Sponge - 3 Perk Points

Invincible - 3 Perk Points

Filthy Tappers

You can Tap a player up from any other club within the league, they will cost an additional 20% ontop of there value. A player can only move once during each window, so the player must have started at the club you are attempting to prize him from.

-If you attempt to tap someone who is protected you will be fined 10% of that players value which will go to the club you attempted to steal from.

-To attempt a tap pm me the name of the player you want to tap (taking into account they will cost 20% ontop of their spreadsheet value.) and I will confirm in the thread if you are successfull or if you failed within 24 hours.

1 Tap - 1 Perk Point

2 Tap - 2 Perk Points

3 Tap - 3 Perk Points

Plugging the Leak.

Protect your players from any would be Tappers, please name the players you which to protect if you choose one of these options, the protected player list will not be made public only I will know who is protected. New signings do not need to be protected as a player can only move once during the window.

2 Tap Blocker - 1 Perk Point

4 Tap Blocker - 2 Perk Points

6 Tap Blocker - 3 Perk Points

Tap Block Whole Team - 5 Perk Points

Extra Moneys Please

Increase your starting wage funds by the percentages below.

Additional 5% wages. - 1 Perk Point

Additional 10% wages. - 2 Perk Points

Additional 15% wages. - 3 Perk Points

Additional 20% wages. - 4 Perk Points

Additional 25% wages. - 5 Perk Points

Increase your starting transfer funds by the percentages below.

Additional 5% funds. - 1 Perk Point

Additional 10% funds. - 2 Perk Points

Additional 15% funds. - 3 Perk Points

Additional 20% funds. - 4 Perk Points

Additional 25% funds. - 5 Perk Points

Invest in the Future of Football

Bring in 5 randomized players from other non premier league clubs, aged below 20, who are rated 68 and above, you will not need to cover there wages with your funds.

Invest in Youth - 5 Perk Points

Going Abroad

Add an additional Non FTL on top of your current amount, a NON FTL players value is 30% higher than a players base cost would be from within the premier league.

1 Additional Non FTL - 2 Perk Points

2 Additional Non FTL - 4 Perk Points

3 Additional Non FTL - 6 Perk Points

Buying and Selling players:

-In the attached spreadsheet you will find your budgets for transfers and wages, as well as a list of players minimum values and wages.

-A player cannot be sold for less than their asking price but can be sold for more.

-You must ensure you have the funds and wages in your account to pay for a new player or the deal will fall through.

-You can buy and sell as many players as you like providing your squad does not have more than 40, or less than 17 players in it.

-There will be no mid season window.

-Players can only move once, so be sure when you make those purchases as there is no going back.

-If you cannot sell your players but need to shift them off your roster to free up some wages or space, you can pay their contract off by paying for their asking price with your own funds.

-When selling a player 10% of your sale funds go into the chairmans pockets, you know to cover printer ink and that.

Buying players owned by other FTL Managers

You can PM other managers to negotiate deals.

When announcing a done deal, post in the thread, this will then need confirming by the other manager, once done it will be added to the spreadsheet by myself or Wincho.

Buying NON FTLs players

You must PM me for a NON FTL request, by PMing me a link to their sofifa page and I will then send out the scouts to get a price for that player. (Within 24 hours)

When I send you the price, you then have 48 hours from that PM to confirm you want to sign them, if someone request that same players price before you confirm, both managers will be informed and asked to send me a bid, the higher bid taking the player.

If you enquire about a player and you do not take that player on I am afraid that will still be your NON FTL used, so play your cards wisely.

If you say you dont want that player or after 48 hours you havent bought the player and no one else has enquired about them, he will go for public auction.


The season will be divided into 2, the first half of the season and second half.

You will be given a set of 5 then 4 fixtures to play within the time frames, which you can play in any order at any speed, though try not to cram them all into week 1! And also dont leave them till too late!

If its getting close to the deadline and people still have a fairly hefty pile of fixtures to wade through, the Winchcruncher has been granted permission to do some...crunching.


All injuries have one outcome and that is to rule your player out for the remaining of that half of the season.

Please ensure the injuries are reported in your match reports and once players are injured that they dont feature in that remaining half of the season.

You can use your sponges at any time but you must make it clear in the thread who you are using it on so the spreadsheet can be amended.


-DO MATCH REPORTS INCLUDING ALL REQUIRED INFO! (Score, injuries, for both teams. (You must state none if there are none.))




Ps. Dont PM me with any perk choices yet, I still may amend that list.

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I will take bets on the first newcomer to have a panic attack after reading the rules... Despite his calm and collected BAP demeanor Keiths dad is the early favourite :)

Fucking hell, I'd only just worked out how to update and save my squad. I need a few drinks before I work my way through the rules.

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Wincho is in the phone....and he's gone to the red side remarkably.

He's going with the only side in Liverpool really, was an easy decision because he's basically a plastic armchair toffee who evidently has no pride whatsoever.

So Liverpool it is for him.

If everyone could please leave Sunderland alone for me, that way I can have the pleasure of lording it about how I wouldn't pick my arch rivals if they were the best team in the game and it was between them and Palace. Luckily for me they're fucking shite so I don't even need to consider becoming a turncoat heathen, unlike plastic man above.

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