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So yeah, my one a year thread is late this time as I've held off getting the current gen versions as I intend to pick this up for PS4 at launch. I know in recent years theres been quite a few people who've enjoyed the series so here we are again. It does seem that the next gen version will be different as they didn't want to do a straight port over from PS3/360/PC.

For now we don't know what it entails, we do know that the Path to Greatness mode and possibly Crew Mode won't be in the next gen versions. Seem bizarre to take modes out of a next gen game but hopefully they'll have some other modes and features planned.

I guess its a given that they'll more fluid animations and more of them than the current gen version.

He's an awesome trailer for the PS4 version. Harden and Lebron look damn near perfect. If we get the gameplay improvements then this could be a real great first outing on the PS4 and Xbox One.

I have tried the demo for the current gen version and again it seems like a nice little update. I found it harder to score and you really had to work to get to the basket this time round. Plus your teammates seem a bit more knowledgeable about the game and were trying to create space and spread the floor. Defence seemed much better too, could force them away from the basket and you can now block dunks. Also improved the pump fake fouls, if you get them in the air you seem to get the call for foul too which is nice.

Hopefully we'll be getting more and more information as we get nearer to launch.

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2K13 was great I thought. Played it plenty in local multiplayer and also did a full season as 'My Player'. Which is the first time I've ever managed a full season and playoffs.

As always, it can take a while to get into if you're not a huge fan of the sport but they've always been value for money in the past. Hopefully the next gen ones will be too.

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Why have these guys never attempted a Football (proper Football) game? Seems like such an obvious massive omission for their talent.

I absoluted loved NHL2K2 back in the day. Nailed it.

Probably a licensing issue.

They were rumours of them doing a college football game but I think it was just that, a rumour.

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The main PR guy for 2Ksports was livetweeting a load of stuff from a reveal of the next-gen versions yesterday (https://twitter.com/Ronnie2K)

A couple of tweets:


"This is not a port and is best hardware launch in history. Introducing a new game engine: EcoMotion"

NBA Today delivers new content daily and has sleekest design ever. Driven by Dynamic Living Rosters and Stats Inc.

Art director Anton Dawson on now talking about the thousands of little things. Had to change materials in game: vinyl, wood, cotton.

"LEDs in score clock and jumbotron act like how LED is supposed to. Measured in Kelvin and reflected against other surfaces."

"Reproduce amount of lights in every arena"

"With head scans, we weren't just trying to capture stills. wanted to get movement to capture emotion & unique face tissue of each player"


Mike talking about emphasis on foot planting in next gen and how next gen helps us improve it beyond any sports game experience in history

Dribbling: next gen ball sits in his hand, ball continuously spins like it's supposed to.

Two shots are radically different for different situations in terms of landing on shots. No two shots will be same

Rob on new Emotion+: "human emotions translate into performance. Every player has personality, highs are highs, lows are lows"

MyGM is a cerebral experience. Every decision changes the world around you. GM has attributes and special abilities

"Conversation engine that remembers everything you do and may throw it back in your face at a later date."

"captured 1000s of cut scenes w actors & whole life of player. Every experience of being NBA player. All you want to see is next path"

40 hours of gameplay in Season One of MyCareer

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Just came to post about this. It sounds like they've done a really good job and worked hard to not make it a simple port but more shiny.

Pretty much guaranteed to get this on launch now!

Here's a writeup from operation sports, copied and pasted in the spoiler below.

NBA 2K14: Next-Gen Details on Gameplay, AI, New Modes and more!

bullet.gif Submitted on: 10/23/2013 by Aaron Holbert


2K Sports today revealed a whole boatload of information about NBA 2K14 on next-gen consoles, which includes a four-tier approach with NBA Today, MyCAREER. MyTEAM and MyGM all receiving a huge imagining for next-generation consoles.

Aholbert32 attended the event and will post what he can, when he can. Follow him on Twitter. Hands-on impressions, etc. are coming soon from the event!

Check out the full details from the presser.


Graphics and New Engine

The first thing you need to know, NBA 2K14 is not a port. It has been built from the ground up for the new hardware with a new engine called "Eco Motion."

The game will feature much improved graphics, with additional details like leg tattoos, new celebrations, hairstyles, and facial hair.

2K will be focusing its efforts on four main pillars of gameplay: NBA Today, MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and MyGM.

NBA Today is brand new, built from the ground up. Video highlights from previous days games will be shown with the menu looking like a scoreboard w/ all games listed.

All your NBA news connected on your console updated daily. This is all driven by Dynamic Living Rosters - which is adjust daily based on how players are performing in the real world.

Points of emphasis has been added to the game, which is a feature last saw in the old College Hoops franchise. No warmup outfit for bench players, but the crowds look much better. There are now less duplicates in the crowd. FYI the gameplay clip we saw was only 4 possessions.

Little imperfections of dirt on the backboard tells you all you need to know about the attention to detail. 2K built a material library. It looks like 2K took each arena and really upgraded them.

Details shown at scorers table. A thumbprint on a monitor is shown. Redid the scoreboards in each arena and the lighting in each arena, it is a small but definitely noticeable improvement.

Now showing off the new LED dynamic lighting system. Just stunning. Scoreboard lights are dynamic and showcase reflections.

2K actually measured the color temperature of lights and count the number of lights and manufacturer of lights.

2K now showcasing Kobe Bryant getting head scanned. Kobe hung around while they built his model and his reaction was "GTFO here"

Watching Lebron face map. Asking him to make intense faces. Can’t lie the game has his and Kobe’s face down. KD’s and Iguodala face maps. Both look great. Even have KD’s bad skin.

The team captured and head scanned constantly working around NBA schedules to capture nearly every player in the NBA. Hundreds of players with thousands of expressions you will see in the game. Showcasing art of those now. This is photo realism.

2K captured nearly every player in the NBA. Parker looks great. Have Amare haircut with brown streak. Ray Allen looks great.



Mike Wang is on and speaking about elevating the game harnessing the tech. Primarily in physics and animations. Foot planting clips shown.

Wang is talking about Ecomotion. Foot planting. No sliding or phantom steps. Showed difference between cur and next gen. It looks great. Really no sliding. Now showing dribbling. Ball actually rotates while dribbling which is not in current gen.

Now speaking to ball handling. Eco Motion allows them to track true physics. Ball spinning when dribbling, ball in hands. Tangible object.

New animation system. Guys will have real life wingspans. New KD shoes look great.

Mike speaks about animation synthesis, Eco Motion - based on physics and situation, animations will change. With animation synthesis, animations will change based on circumstances. If KD takes a shot and D is guarding him tight, anim will change on the fly.

The game feels alive. For example, a shooter won't land the same way two times. Animation will adapt to the situation. Truly incredible stuff here.



Coaches will adapt to what is happening in the game. So game plans will dynamically change based on what other teams are doing.

Rob talks about points of emphasis. Every coach will have its own ai and strategize based on how the game is going.

There are nine different options on offense and defense to strategize how to defend or attack your opponent.


Emotion Plus

Emotion Plus will categorize all the players personalities. For example, Kobe is an Alpha Dog. He wants the ball, he's fierce.

"Human emotions translate into performance. Every player has personality, highs are highs, lows are lows."

Emotion plus is a new feature. Each player has a personality. Personality and game events can affect how a plot performs.



My GM is new franchise mode. Lots of RPG elements are in the next-gen game.

MyGM is a cerebral experience. Every decision changes the world around you. GM has attributes and special abilities.

MyGM includes conversations. You have to asses the emotional intelligence of the person you're talking too.

You will get fired from the owner of you don't maintain harmony in your organization, locker room and fan base. Revolutionizes what franchise mode is.

This is the complete evolution of association mode. Decisions and reactions is what this mode is all about.

"We have built a completely new experience for franchise players. All your day to day experiences have no right or wrong answers."



Complete cut scenes in MyCAREER. Team captured hundreds and hundreds of scenes. A rival, agent, buddies and a compete cast of characters.

This mode "will leave you asking, "what will happen next?" Building relationships, making deals, etc..

Over 40 hours of gameplay in your first year alone.

"captured 1000s of cut scenes w actors & whole life of player. Every experience of being NBA player. All you want to see is next path"

When you're not balling in MyCAREER, you can hang out with hundreds of MyPlayers in the Park.

Open field of courts shown with hundreds of MyPlayers playing. Quite a tease.

Jeff: "When MyPlayer isn't balling, he likes to hang with 100 of his friends at The Park."

That was the conclusion of the presentation from 2K. We will have hands-on experiences from the event very soon!

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It was NBA 2K8 I think on PS3 that initially blew me away, it was easily the most realistic-looking sport game I'd ever seen. Not that I'm easily impressed or anything, but it was watching a fella in the crowd get out of his seat, walk off and then come back with a drink and sit down that did it. Ignore the fact that an identical chap was mirroring him a block over.

(For similar reasons I was giddy with excitement when 2K bought the WWE licence. The latest game appears to just be the same one with their name on, but I'm expecting the moon on a stick for its PS4 debut)

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Some of the attention to detail sounds mind boggling really. Scuff marks on the ball/court/rim/backboard etc. The LED light all been accounted for etc. Pretty damn cool. Obviously needs to play a good game of basketball but they never usually get it wrong when it comes to that.

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Quite a few people have done that Pockets I think over the last year or two. They were lots of of advice about the game and the sport in general in the threads for 2K12 and 2K13 I believe.

It obviously gets a lot better when you know the sport properly too, it really is a fantastic sports series and is still the one that all the other sport games need to get near for me.

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I've not played a NBA game since Inside Drive 2004. Considering how good I thought it looked back then, what they can do for the next gen is out of this world.

Same goes for NFL games, the last I played was NFL Fever on the old xbox, it wiped the floor with the Madden games back then.

How is the gameplay on recent versions of these games? I've been meaning to have a bash at American sports games again for a while

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I'm still not sure about Next Gen Madden, especially when I hear it is just a port to the next gen machines? Do we know if thats correct? Really wanted to get NFL 25 too.

Apparently it uses the same new engine that FIFA does for next gen, so it should be the same kind of difference between 360/PS3 and XBone/PS4 for both..

As it's EA I'm not expecting a sea change, but righting some of the wrongs of the '13 editions of both titles would keep me happy enough to be honest.

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Some player comparisons from current gen to next gen courtesy of Operation Sports. It's amazing how bad current gen looks when put side by side...

post-5808-0-30273300-1382691419_thumb.jp post-5808-0-56072000-1382691425_thumb.jp


Ray Allen is scary good!

Hands on from Operation Sports which is in the spopiler below.

NBA 2K14: Next-Gen Hands-On Impressions

To port or not to port? That is the question.

In 2006, 2K took a different approach to their first game on the next gen consoles. 2K simply upgraded the graphics and ported over all of the features in the current gen version. That was the safe approach and most people were happy with it by and large.

This time around 2K wants OS'ers to know one thing: The next gen version of NBA 2K14 is not a port. But is that a good thing?

Let's start with the graphics. The game looks exactly like (if not better) than the trailer. 2K face mapped damn near every NBA player in the league. Guys like Lebron and Kobe look exactly like their real life counterparts but that's expected. What I didn't expect was that guys like Joel Anthony and Festus Ezeli would look amazing. The faces and the lighting and details of each arena jump out as the most improved aspects of the game to you.

With that said, the graphical improvements are less prominent when you are playing the game in broadcast mode. Don't get me wrong, the game still looks great, but I can see many people complaining that they don't see a huge difference from current gen when actually playing the game versus in replays.

The improved graphics also quite prominent in MyPLAYER mode. There are significantly more hairstyles and beard choices in the next gen version than current gen. There is no longer a huge difference between how a real NBA player looks and a created player/my player looks. I've played 3 next gen games at this point (NBA, FIFA and Knack) and 2k clearly has the best looking game on next gen.

The gameplay feels similar enough to current-gen, if not better.


2K set up a quick demo of the game featuring the Heat and the Warriors. The demo was a single three minute quarter with play calling on. I played a total of three quarters with the game. The game reminds me of the current gen version, as it should, but it's clearly feels somewhat different. The key to that is the new Ecomotion engine.

The Ecomotion engine adds foot planting and better dribbling animations to the series. Sliding has been virtually eliminated from the series and dribbling animations are tighter than they ever have been. In current gen, there are times when dribbling the ball will not touch the floor because of a bad animation. This doesn't occur in next gen. This is clearly 2K's response to Live's BounceTek feature and eliminates one of the competition's biggest selling points.

Another feature of the new system is called animation synthesis. In next gen, all animations are contextual. For example, if Durant is taking a jumper and he is wide open, he will use his typical gather, release and landing. If a defender pressures him, he will automatically adjust his release and may land differently depending on the position of the defender. These additions are very visible during gameplay and you will see a bunch of new animations.

Points of Emphasis is another gameplay related feature that is only in next-gen. As a coach you are given 9 options on offense and defense during the game that you can use to make adjustments. For example when playing the Heat, you can instruct your team to defend the perimeter as a point of emphasis.

I know what you are thinking "Can't we do that in current gen with defensive adjustments?" The difference here is your team will practically hug perimeter players. I saw one screenshot of Sefolosha body to body against Lebron when denying the ball. I'm interested in seeing how much Points of Emphasis actually affects the game and if the AI uses these also. On the surface though, this appears to be a good addition.

"What do you mean features are missing from current gen?"


Lets get the bad out of the way: Association mode as we know it has been removed.

They have been replaced by a new mode called MyGM. In my opinion, it's similar to Madden's connected careers mode. The mode takes your MyPLAYER and makes him the GM of the team. As the GM, you interview and hire staff, negotiate trades with other owners and manage players. The centerpiece of this mode is the conversation system.

An example of this is you are the GM of the Kings and the team has lost 8 games in a row. Boogie Cousins comes in to your office and demands a trade. You can either attempt to convince Cousins to stay with the team, ignore his demand or shop him for a trade. The mode appears to be very immersive and perfect for people who are interested in managing one team. So what's the problem?

I'm a firm believer in one rule: YOU DONT REMOVE FEATURES! NBA 2K4 had a franchise mode with 30 team control and 2K removed in NBA 2K5 for no particular reason. It took them three years and a ton of complaints from a select few OS'ers to get them to add the feature back. Madden did the same thing last year and after some backlash added it back this year. I'm willing to acknowledge that MyGM looks intriguing and may be the future of the franchise, but it makes no sense to remove features like multi-team association and potentially alienate a very dedicated (and vocal) segment of the audience.

I'm sure these removals won't affect a good amount of people who buy this game. Many will be happy with controlling one team on MyGM or just focus on MyPLAYER. But some of us don't want to interview players or staff. Some of us just want to play or watch any game. Some of us don't trust the CPU AI when it comes to making trades and cuts and want to prevent unrealistic decisions. That's why we love multi team association.

Another feature which isn't making the jump is custom music. Also gone are practice plays. Devs confirmed but didn't specify that some other features found in current gen won't make the jump over to next gen this year. What this means is many basketball gamers will have to keep the current-gen version of the game to get a total basketball fix this year.

More info is coming on MyGM in the next week.

Onto the good though: MyPLAYER looks incredible. The structure appears to be similar to current-gen with your career starting at the Draft showcase but it's clearly different, there are bunch of new cutscenes added to the next gen version and 2K showed us three of them.

The first one is your agent informing you that you have been invited to the Draft Showcase. The second one is your rival approaches you before the DS and talks a little trash. After that conversation, you agent asks you how you felt about the trash talk and you are given the choice of getting emotional or letting it go. Finally, your DS coach approaches you in the locker room and attempts to motivate you before the game. MyPLAYER on next-gen is much more immersive and I'm excited about giving it a run.

The final feature we saw was called “The Park”. 2K wasn't saying much about it other than its a place where you and 100 of your friends can play. The visual they showed multiple basketball courts with MyPlayers on each court. This is pure speculation but this could be Crew on steroids where you can take your MyPlayer from court to court just like you could if you were at a real park with multiple courts.

From what I saw, I am definitely excited about the next gen version of the game but not as excited as I was coming into the event. The game looks and feels great but the limited feature set hampers it. Hopefully once we get more information about the features actually in the game, the pain from the features removed will dull.

NBA 2K14 releases on launch day for both PlayStation 4 (November 15) and Xbox One (November 22).

Edited to clarify: Season mode is still in the game per multiple sources/confirmations by 2K Sports.

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The clarification at the end is just the normal season mode not really Association Mode. Well from what I've gathered, MyGM is Association Mode only turned up a bit to include more. So you get the managing and RPG elements where as the season mode is just season after season you play. Not sure if you can trade etc.

I've never been one for Association mode personally, always done MyPlayer instead. That might change though as I'm liking the sound of MyGM. Might even try MyTeam this time round too, again something I've not really invested time in to before.

Dwight Howard doesn't feel remorse, you should know that by now. One good thing about his Rockets switch is that the Rockets are going to be even more fun to watch this year! Sorry if you're a Lakers or even more so a Magic fan and hate him :P

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Magic, so his heel turn was made easier to swallow by the whole Lakers clown college last year. I almost wish he'd stayed there.

I prefer Association as in Myplayer I lack both the concentration and reaction to defend a man and the skills to beat one. I'd end up massively chuffed with a B- game where I didn't hit every three-pointer into the concessions stand. If this GM is like Association but more everything, that'll do me.

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I feel your pain, my brother is a big Magic fan and he loved Howard. Watching him and the Lakers last season was most enjoyable though I agree.

I think you'll like MyGM if you like Association mode then as thats what people seem to be saying, I think the one of the designers himself said its the same mode really but on steroids or similar.

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Yeah, day 1 for me too. Probably my most anticipated game made even more so with the NBA season starting yesterday :omg:

Should hopefully get a lot more information and videos over the next week or so and then with the PS4 releasing early in the US we'll get plenty of gameplay videos on YouTube.

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It's without doubt my favourite sports series ever. Played it since NBA2K11 and even though i'm still not particularly great at the game, it's so so fun and other than the NHL series, no game has got me shouting and fist pumping as much as this game gets me. At 41 yrs old, I don't think I should be acting like I do :eyebrows::D

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A very minor disappointment for me with this and the last one are the soundtracks. As much as I love Jay-Z, him filling last year's game with his own songs and some select pals was too familiar and this looks similar as LeBron (apparently) has picked current and popular hits. One of the bonuses of the previous ones was getting into new stuff. If Allen Iverson is in the game somewhere though, all immediately forgiven.

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I agree Wullie, the soundtrack wasn't great on 2K13, I did how ever enjoy 2K12 and especially 2K11's so hopefully this years isn't too bad.

Also, via 2K Sports on Facebook

Coming to NBA 2K14 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: NBA Today brings you closer to the action than ever before. Real time videos from NBA.com come straight to your console every day and bring you up to date on the latest results from the league. Check out the action from NBA Opening Night!


A nice little addition for people not only like the game but enjoy the sport overall.

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I don't know to be honest Pockets, I picked up the rules just by watching games and learning that way. Same with NFL too really.

One to remember is you can't reach, so the steal button should be used rarely and at the right time for a strip. Other than that I'm not sure what else you could be getting called on. Any examples?

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I just seem to foul a lot, I guess it's reaching too much then. Also, back court violations if that's what they're called. I don't get the penalty system either.

I think my main problem is my mindset, I'm always trying to defend and tackle but it's a sport where teams score around 100 points a game so trying to keep a clean sheet is obviously futile. I know this but find it hard to change my ways as a football and NFL fan primarily.

That's always been my issue with basketball as a sport, there's too much scoring. I need to find what it is that draws people to it as I get nothing out of the baskets due to them being so frequent.

It is probably reaching in then yeah, just don't push it. Look for steals in the passing lanes more than anything. The safest bet. Backcourt is as soon as you've crossed the half way line you can't step back into your own half with the ball. So basically just attack.

The defence end is all about protecting your paint mainly. So first things first don't let them get easy baskets. Good defence is making them take a difficult shot, more often than not they're going to get a shot so make sure its jumper (long 2's are the worst shot to take) thats contested basically. You're not always going to get stops as like you say its basketball but its about getting as many as you can and also making sure they have to work for it. No easy baskets is the goal.

As for not getting anything out of baskets. If you run a good set or play and get the basket I find it instantly satisfying, the same when I stop the opposition. Plus you must get excited with the dunks or the pick and roll ally oops. I've been know to jump of the sofa with those! :P

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