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FTL6 - Cup - Semi Finals


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Teams	Round		Deadline8	Qualifying	03/11/201316	Last 16		10/11/20138	Quarter Finals	17/11/20134	Semi Finals	24/11/20132	Final		01/12/2013
Qualifying Round

Cary v Joe

Baring v Andy S

Roca v Mardigan

Sith v XYZgames

Please have games played by 03/11/2013

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I will be on til about half 6 today if that is any good? If not I should be on tomorrowDo injuries from the league carry over to these games?

Yes - you can't play players who are injured but any injuries sustained in cup games do not need reporting or keep your player out
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Rocafella 1 - 0 Mardigan

I sponged Bassong so he could play in this game.

A tough game as always against Mardigan. I had a few good chances which I didn't put away and I thought it was going to be one of those games, but I managed to counter attack in injury time leaving Doumbia one on one, who kept his calm to slot past Mardigan's keeper.

Cheers for the game mate, was lucky to nab it at the end there. Good luck for the rest of the season.

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Fulham (MardiganX) 0 – 1 Norwich (Rocafella)

InjuriesJavi Garcia (Fulham)

Following a long absence from playing FIFA the Fulham manager decided it was time to put his toys back in the pram and just get on with things. Not one to ease himself back in gently he opted for a tough cup game against last season’s FTL league winner Rocafella. The game started balanced with Norwich edging things in their final 3rd and forcing a couple of good saves from Stockdale. Fulham responded with Schurrle working well on the wings but the score remained level at half time with only Fulham’s good defending keeping it that way. Javi Garcia picked up an injury just before half time but was able to continue.

Much the same in the 2nd half with Norwich slightly on top. Doumbia in particular was causing lots of problems but just couldn’t make the break through. Norwich missed a couple of great chances around the 65 minute mark and at the other end Berbatov struggled to get on the end of a lovely Muriel cross on 72 minutes. Both teams huffed and puffed toward the end and with a replay looking likely going into injury time the Fulham defence dropped their guard and paid a heavy price. Doumbia raced on to a cute through ball and finished well passed Stockdale. Prick!!

Excellent game Rocafella and no complaints with the result as I was lucky to still be in it with your lads missing some great chances. I am still trying to find the right formation for this squad and it showed as I had little to offer in attack. Hopefully a few more friendlies over the weekend will sort it out. All the best in the next round.

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With the next date being the 10th its a bit to tight for extentions.

I'm sure Andy wont mind us cracking on without him, I can see he put the effort in initially so I'm certainly not pointing fingers of blame in his direction.

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The Last 16

Match 1 : Graham vs tomakasatnav

Match 2 : Tomox vs Cary

Match 3 : Sith vs Pompey

Match 4 : Roca vs Keiths_dad

Match 5 : Manic vs Baring

Match 6 : Alfromsleep vs Timmo

Match 7 : Steely vs Wincho

Match 8 : Pants vs Jamin

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