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FTL6 - Cup - Semi Finals


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Tom 2-0 Baring

Well it had to happen sometime, I was royally screwed by EA. Perfect challenge in the box from Rafael got himself sent off, the resulting pen was saved but spun back in the goal. I attacked and attacked but couldn't get the goal I needed or any luck at all. Was an uphill struggle against such superstars from then.

Shame as I was hoping to win this cup but it feels I was never given a chance from the off. Fucking ref!

Rant over. 1 bad game out of the 10 I've played in FTL isn't bad I guess. I do really like FIFA 14.

Well done Tom.

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Hull 0-1 Palace

An utter turd of a game to be honest :lol: probably because it rained. Again. 6 of 8 games in this seasons FTL have been in the rain. Fucking Hull.

I literally can't think of any chances at all except for the goal. No surprise then that the goal originated from a defensive doom touch after an accidental quick throw by myself :facepalm:. Steely finished the one-on-one well with Zaha.

I struggled to create anything really - again. Crouch may be in line for a recall. That early season form has seemingly washed away, a bit like the Hull's home ground!

Cheers for the game man.

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It was a turgid affair! You certainly had the better of the opportunities than me but your players shooting was unbelievably timid and right at Schwarzer.

My goal was the one half decent move I put together for the entire game which stemmed from a dodgy quick throw, my 3 other shots of the game were all speculative long rangers :facepalm:

Cheers for the games anyways man, hopefully our league games will be a little prettier!

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