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What franchises would you like to see make a comeback during next gen?


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I want a next gen Ridge Racer, but not some gritty semi-realistic crash em up Burnout rip-off.

I want a brightly coloured arcade racer, with stupid drifting and powerslides, colourful cars and tracks and a banging techno soundtrack.

And lots and lots of Namco characters and images plastered everywhere, like Dig Dug billboards and pretzel, cherry and Galaxian paintjobs.

It's a shame to see that a Playstation console is launching without some Namco classics to play on it. No new Ridge Racer, no new Tekken... It just doesn't feel right.

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Be careful what you wish for. I thought the same about Final Fight, and lo and behold, along came the PS2 game.

Surprised people mentioned Burnout - it got a current generation version, so not in need of a comeback

Burnout Paradise is pretty different to what came before it. A Burnout 2 HD remaster/remake would be more than welcome.

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Also if bethesda do not release Fallout 4 I will not be a happy camper, I freaking love Fallout 3.

Every passing day a Fallout isnt being announced gets me more and more upset. 3 and New Vegas are my two favourite games of all time, I was hoping there would be one announced as a launch title for the new gen but that's passed without so much as a sniff of info.

While I'm here, a new Left 4 Dead would be every kind of awesome.

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My answers remains largely as they have for almost a decade now.

Give me a new...

..Strike game. Just me, in a Super Comanche/Apache, stopping wars before they start.

..Streets of Rage. A legion of goons and bangin' Yuzo choons.

..F-Zero. Fire Stingray for life, yo.

..3D Metroid. Nothing else has that same delicious, immersive atmosphere and sense of isolation exploring a strange, far-flung world.

..a proper new KotOR game. Set it whenever, fresh start, go hog wild, don't just be a retread.

That'll do me.

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Set in the same universe (the planescape) but not a direct sequel, I think.

Obviously massively welcome news, all the same. :)

Well yeah, furry muff it isn't a direct sequel but it's got a lot of very similar themes and you play a kind of undead type of dude as well. I just read the latest update, they have some potentially very cool things going on that all sound a little bit too pie in the sky personally but will be amazing if they pull it off.

Anyway, back on topic, I'd absolutely LOVE a sequel to SuperCars II, or just an HD re-release with more tracks and a track builder. I still think 'downhill haggis racing' whenever I see the danger falling rocks road sign.

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