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Gaming Easter Eggs

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The duck race in Shenmue 2... insanely tricky to meet the criteria to unlock it, a completely bizarre extra when you do manage to do it (but satisfying nonetheless!)



I came in here to post that - one of the only easter eggs I've gone out my way to experience. Made my second playthrough of Shenmue 2 that much more surreal.

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This isn't particularly interesting, but it's one I only found once and could never get again. Turns out the results screen music for Mario Kart 64 changes after about an hour. I thought I'd imagined it when I was 8.

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I liked the newsreader on Lego Batman 2 going on about how plans to wall off an area of Gotham City to house all the dangerous criminals had been cancelled. "That would have been a stupid idea" :)

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I liked the Last Guardian reference in the Shadow of the Colossus remake and as has already been mentioned, Destiny in ODST, but I believe this has been removed now.


Also the board games in The Last of Us.

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