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Mega Drive. Yeah!


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@Soo DenimI'm sure a certain someone on here will be pleased to Enduro Racer in your collection :P


There is something very much of its time about the original & very simplistic boxart Sega used, before they they started putting proper pictures on them. It's very enchanting and yet is incredibly lo-effort (the Transbot cover in particular is just awful), but I do have very strong and happy memories of seeing them on display in Software City, long after the console itself had been supplanted.


Lovely memories.

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On 01/03/2023 at 13:13, Soo Denim said:

So quick update from the exploring of my parents loft, shed and general storage area! Can’t find any Saturn stuff, which is incredibly annoying. Also bare knuckle and the Japanese sonic and knuckles mega drive games still missing. 

But I did find a box of old master system stuff including an original machine and little arcade stick. 

None of it’s worth much. But 10 year old me played the shit out of these games. Zillion II and Bomber raid I bet I could still complete! 



Ahh man, as a C64 owner who had never heard of a console let alone played one until a friend showed me his Master system those boxes have triggered all sorts of nostalgia - I ended up getting a Master system as my first console (the v2 because I assumed v2 meant it was better… my mate Keith got an original one and one of the cards and ive coveted those ever since) with Sonic and Alex Kidd and just love the box art on graph paper :wub:

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I thought that the Sega Master System games boxes looked really futuristic when I first saw them in the late ‘80s – futuristic in the minimalist sense, like the idea of a system that didn’t need a keyboard and tape deck to play games! Imagine that.


In terms of the earlier Mega Drive games, I prefer the look of the Japanese import boxes; the non-standardised layouts and kanji on the clamshell cases give those games an “illicit VHS rental” look which I really appreciate.


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On 05/03/2023 at 10:59, Goemon said:

Yuzo Koshiro has tweeted footage of the shooter Ancient are working on for the MD





Twitter comment

"Gotta say, that "big explosion" stock cartoon sound gets a bit tiring after a few seconds"




I wonder how they plan to make money if it stays a MD exclusive ?

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I'm sure he's more recently said that he expects the game to be finished by the end of the year, with modern hardware versions following a few months later. 


I imagine limited runs of MD carts and digital Switch / etc versions appearing at around the same time.

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Pulseman has been added to the Switch online service today which is a pleasingly unlikely choice - any fans on here? I've had a very quick go in the past but found the mechanics a bit more confusing than expected but I will go back in now it's in such a convenient form. I've always loved the look of it (one of the great 16-bit title screens imo) and it's a Game Freak product if I remember right so it's pretty slick all round.

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I picked up a Sonic and Knuckles cart today and had a blast earlier, I did a bit of research and found that it seems to be region free and fine on a modded Megadrive - my tests in NTSC/60 seemed to bare that out but lots of mixed messages about why that is, some stuff ive read says its got all versions on the cart (like sonic & sonic2) so depending on the region your machine is in will decide what to play!?


Anyone know anything about this stuff, is that true? The main reason I ask is that apparently sonic 3 is not like this and the PAL cart is optimised and only has the PAL version on it so if you play it in 60hz it will be too fast esp the music? The obvious solution is to pick up a NTSC Sonic 3 (ive read that works fine?) and put that in the S&K cart and all will be well….. but I have a huge nostalgic love of Sonic 3 UK version - my Mum bought it for me when I had some dental work and well you know how our silly brains work!



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I’m guessing it’s because of the pass through cart so the region is determined by whatever is plugged into the top.  There would be all kinds of weirdness otherwise if you mixed and matched PAL/NTSC etc.

The first two Sonic games definitely aren’t region locked as I had the US and Asian versions respectively on my JPN Megadrive back in the day that was modded to UK PAL.  

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