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How Long Can You Last?


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Would you suddenly go crazy and run around bashing your head onto brick walls if someone were to take away your gaming?

Lets see...I think the most I lasted was about a month on holiday, with no game boy either.

Although I did take N64 mags with me at the time...so unless you count that..

Ok re-phrased: How long can you last without anything to do with gaming?

Not very long, I'd bet.

( NEG )

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A gaming holiday every now and again is a good thing. When I first went to Uni, I went without games for about six months. I came back for the Christmas Hols and really, really got into gaming again.

I haven't done it recently, primarily because there are some great games out around now, and I think the gaming scene has got some real gems in it at the moment, but all the same, if you find you can't get into games much at the moment, then take a month or two break and come back to them fresh.

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Last October I left the country to go travelling for nine months. After what felt like an age, but was in fact about one week, I gave in and bought a GBA in Bankok.

This tided me over somewhat, but for the next two months I only had Yoshi's Island (interesting feeling that..suddenly being reduced to only having one game).

Luckily, when I got to Sydney after two months, there were arcades galore. After such a long period with minimal gaming, I fell in love all over again with arcades.

After 4 months I got to New Zealand. My gaming appetite had been sated somewhat by my GBA and the copious arcades (especially in NZ). However, I then found that news agents in NZ stock import copies of Edge, so I bought three or four issues at a cost of about £7-8 each (I had to throw these out once I'd read them because they are too heavy to lug about). The day I got my first copy of Edge for 4 months was indeed a memorable one.

In any case, when I got home after nine months having only played arcade games and a couple of GBA games, suffice to say I appreciated my Xbox that much more.

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I missed just about all of the 16-bit generation as I got bored of gaming at the time. Probably to do with my age (turned 18 in 1991) more than anything else, as I was more interested in going out drinking with my mates and chasing women at the time. I was hardly in the house, never mind sitting down to play a game.

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