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Not tempted to have an Icon in attack?


1 looks the best but with Ronny leading the line, Godin whilst 88 isn't very good though.


2 Giroud is too limited, if you are not having a rapid striker you atleast want one who people wont catch with ease. Would work better with Greizy up top, but then you need a new LM! (from what Ive heard Fahrmann is probably better than Ter Stegan.)


3 it feels like a waste to spend all that monies on ferdinand, especially when you have a relatively standard attacking line up.

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I'm tempted to use the 1m on my Xbox account to build a team around icon, @Steely since you've tried a number on loan, who do you reckon is the best of the bunch for up to 500k? I'm tempted by 86 Shevchenko or Larsson but any suggestions would be good. 


As as for the rest of the team, I'm undecided (already used Prem for a while on it so not going in that direction). 

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@AlfromSleep I've been thinking about doing this myself, selling up what I have in an attempt to fund an icon to call my own, I was thinking more along the SBC route though.


For me, if I am going to do any of the SBCs, there are two I haven't played which I am very tempted by: Okocha and Rui Costa (Both around 500k SBC)


The one I know I like and would go for is Luis Hernandez, he is closer to 900k though because he needs an icon. (I would do the Inzaghi SBC first (around 440k) just to get him to trade him in. At least that way I will have a glimmer of hope of getting some monies back from Inzaghis packs!) Hernandez was the first Icon I gave the full run out and he was stand out good for me. He is also a fucking ball ache to play against.


I would be tempted by Van Basten also, he doesn't have the explosive pace Hernandez has but he tall and strong, good in the air from goal kicks, corners. His movement, dribbling and finishing for me over the 18 games I have used him has been properly brilliant.


(These are all SBC though! So may not help as you might prefer the fall back of being able to sell.)


Players I wouldn't recommend. (Who I have used)



-Shevchenko (Saying that I've only used him for 5 games, but he hasn't been up to much! Might be worth loaning him yourself for like 10k, get the feels.)


Edit: You could pick up 91 rated Van Basten or 85 rated Hernandez for around 500k

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@Steely cheers for the icon tips. I can't really go down the icon SBC route as I've not go enough good players left to place around whoever I go for. 


I can afford 89 or 91 Van Basten and still have enough to build a great team around. Here is a thought I have as a layout (I love a Calcio A bunch and Alessandrini IF always causes me problems when playing against him). Obviously I'd be sticking chem styles on the lot of them to give them the boosts :D




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Yeah I noticed after I posted that Van Bastens normal cards seemed rather cheap in comparison to others! I've really enjoyed him, maybe its the lack of pace that puts people off.


Yeah Alessandrini always causes me problems! I suppose its notable because for an 82 inform he is about expensive as it gets, so there must be something about him.


Looks good to me that team like, and you could always switch to the narrow diamond, post kick off and put Alessandrini uptop to bring the pace. 

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1 hour ago, LiMuBai said:

@Pants McSkill how about something like this:




It's good, but has no Ronaldo!


Has anyone used 2IF Naldo at CB? He'd fit in pretty well into a lot of these.



@Steely - I am tempted to Icon it up in attack, but I do like a F9, and I rely on space on the wings (cos I'm not good enough to play narrow), so they need decent heading and passing. And your Kluivert's are pretty expensive. I'm never quick enough in my build up play to get in behind people - plus everyone I play online seems to go defensive, if not park the bus. So a hold up man for players to move round suits me better.




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Cheers for the suggestions chaps.


Gonna go with this, cos it looks well fun, plus it can play both the 4-4-2 and the 4-2-3-1 very easily. 

IF Pereira has surprisingly good passing, and whack a catalyst on IF De Bruyne and he becomes the greatest winger/outside CAM in the game. 



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I’ve gone with 85 Hernandez. Thought I’d made a big mistake when he had a stinker of a first game but I soon realised his fitness was low when I bought him :blink:


Game two, he scored twice and set up another couple so all good :D


Still have 190k left after building a full team, with my Futmas Wijnaldum and Lingard plus untradable Kante, Jesus and Bellerin sitting on the bench to be called upon if needed. Switch to 4-1-2-1-2 narrow at kick off with Perisic dropping to CAM. 


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Apparently we are looking at a big FUT Market crash this weekend, due to Lunar New Year, I don't remember how it went last year, but lots of people are losing interest, 2 of the biggest pro's in France have quit the game in the last week, 2 guys who have been world champion at some point, Fifa is currently 18th in the list for twitch viewers, it had less than 1000 people watching it yesterday evening.


People losing interest, the market should die, good time to sell up today and then buy back after the crash.

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I dont actually own that many good players! May sell the ones that are worth something anyway. (10k plus of which I have about 5)


I was planning on selling up entirely... but Im guess there will be lots of SBC over the lunar event, so I'll sell all my dross then!


I hate selling players who have played loads of games for me though, such a geek but I like to keep hold of the same card, just to see apps etc. :lol:


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I've sold my five players :lol: I've got about 370k at the moment. (The only pricey players I haven't sold are OWT Van Dijk because I'm scared he will get bumped or In form Chamberlain because I loves him. (currently worth about 125k combined).


Once I've sold everything else off on the weekend, actually owning an icon (And still having a good team to fit around them) might become a reality. :o

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Bloody hell! First world problems there Hannay! Thats a great team, really not much room for improvement. Personally, out of them all, the only player I've never liked is Sanchez - 87 Rated IF Son would be my prem preference.


Clutching at straws... Maybe add an in form Azpi! Valencia over Walker, De Gea over Courtious.


Or spend all your money on the icons (3 Basic or 1 Mega!), but I've basically become an Icon salesman over the past few days haha :lol: I need to reign it in a bit.

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1 hour ago, hannay said:

Hey FUT experts! 1.5m coins (xbox) to upgrade this team... thoughts? 




3IF Son over Sanchez - finesse shots FTW!

SIF Pogba over Silva - the height gives a different dimension to your play

IF Valencia over Walker - overly expensive though

Prime Rio Ferdinand over David Luiz

Any De Gea over Courtois - saves with feet trait is well worth having


Any of those upgrades will be noticeable, but getting rid of David Luiz might be the most noticeable results wise. He must have cost me half a dozen games purely from drifting out of position too often. 

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