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1 hour ago, gooner4life said:

I’m betting I get Salah as I have his OTW untradeable.


im going to just hold onto mine for a bit I think.


Why hold on? Makes no difference to the group you can pull from.


I got: 86 Marlos (heard good things, might try him as a sub), 82 Moses (meh, not as good as NIF Valencia), 82 Tagliafico (sold his OTW), 81 Meite (meh) and 81 Berghuis (utter meh).


And a few 84’s from the weekly rewards.

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5 minutes ago, MardiganX said:

What are those cards lads? Are they ones you can only get from playing in the WL?


Red untradeable versions of all of February’s TOTW informs. You get them as part of your monthly WL rewards.

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37 minutes ago, Timmo said:

That’s the most lightweight midfield I’ve ever seen


I just need them to be able to move quick and pass the ball up to the attackers, not wrestle with anyone. I try to play the possession and interception game.

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11 minutes ago, BiGBaZ96 said:

Aww you need 2 beefy cms that push people off the ball in futchamps everyone you play these days has 2 decent cdms


I have Mooys, Xmas Herrera and Oxlade-Chamberlain as Subs if it gets rough.

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