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On 25/09/2018 at 12:24, Pants McSkill said:



Buy the normal Bronze pack for 400 coins.

List up the players you get. Most you'll list for 200 coins. But check the prices, as some will go for more.

List up the managers.

List up any squad fitness cards (rare, but you will get them).

Store everything else in your club.

Quick sell the duplicates.


Rinse and repeat.

It's the most solid and consistent way to make coins, and works throughout the year, mainly thanks to SBCs which can inflate the prices of some bronze cards to ridiculous levels.

Not every player will sell. But those that don't, you store in your club until there's an SBC that they're useful for.

Plus you'll never run out of contract or fitness cards.


While consistent, it can be a slow method, hence a lot of players go for other trading methods once they get a few coins under their belt.


If you can do it for 10 minutes a day, especially at the beginning of the game's lifespan, you'll see your coin total rise very quickly.



I don't (and probably won't) even have the game but like dicking about on the app. This method is fucking insane :sealclap:

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2 hours ago, gooner4life said:


Or you could massively waste your coins it cost me 11k to do the final hybrid leagues one, opened the mega pack and rare mega pack and got Giroud in one and Leon Bailey in another


Obviously a technical glitch there.

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You get the option of what rewards you get? I have only played 4 rivals matches (2W 1D 1L) so will complete my 'assessment' tonight but that won't get me rewards unless I play games in the division will it?


Also trying to get a decent Squad Battles position during this first week as the rewards in there seem to be slightly better than last year.


I did take the plunge on Coman after all and he is more than worth it. Only area I may still improve is Demebele at striker but struggling to find a decent option that isn't stupid expensive. Gameiro with a Hunter card maybe, but will hold off for now...... I think.

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It warms my heart to see you all making NUFF SKRILLAH (plenty of coins) from the BPM. 

So here's the next step. If you're so inclined.



Advanced Bronze Pack Method – Knowing Which Cards to Keep


The BPM is great due to it’s simplicity – buy a pack, list the players, profit.

However, for those of you who don’t mind a bit more effort, you can stretch your coins by keeping an eye on players that will be worth much more further down the line.

There are no hard and fast rules to this, it’s more about common sense. And it’s also definitely something you can improve your instincts over the more that you do it.


Method 1 – Pick a league

This is simple. Keep all the players from one particular league. Wait for the league SBC, or an agreeable Marquee Matchups Week to drop, and reap all the profit... OR you can use the players to complete the League SBC yourself netting you a shit-ton of packs and a special card.

Currently I’m keeping all Chinese players as most are only going for 200 apiece, and as there’s some belting players in the Chinese league, there’s a strong chance it will be a card I’ll fancy *Cough*HULK*Cough*.

I’m still a little bit in love with my SBC Giovinco from last year.


You can absolutely pick more than one league. In fact, I did very well last Fifa by hoarding the majority of my Bronze players. It took a while for it to pay off, but I made proper bank when it did.



Method 2 – Keep the big 5

Similar to above, this more relies on the Big 5 leagues featuring more often in the Marquee Matchups.

This is slightly more risky, as Real Madrid v Barcelona will more likely than not need all-gold requirements, but eventually there will be some random Left Back you own that you’ll flog for 7k.



Method 3 – Spotting useful players.

This one requires a bit of thought. You’re looking for players that tick several boxes that will be useful for future SBCs. Take a look at these two cards:



They are both:

  • From the top 5 leagues
  • A different nationality to the league they play in – Hella useful for multi-league and nation SBCs
  • Only going for 250 coins right now.

It’s not difficult to see how they could leap in price when the right SBC drops.

Those aren't prescriptive bullet points by any stretch. You're looking our for anything that could be useful in a variety of SBCs. Another example might be French or Brazilian Full Backs playing in foreign leagues. A rarer position to fill, and easier to link to multi-leagues as French and Brazilian players pop in in all sorts of places.



Method 4 – Keep Everything

Buy bronze packs. Keep all players. Only list duplicates.

This is the wanna-be Warren Buffet’s choice.

Downsides: You’ll burn through a lot of coins early on.

Upsides: You always have every player needed for every SBC that drops.

Rare-to-find-Nigerian-Nationality-Belgiun-League-based-CB? You’ve got him.

Now-Extinct-on-the-market-Notts-County-RW? You’ve got 2.

And you’ll make ALL THE MONEY in the long run.


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Another factor worth baring in mind is upcomming Marquee Match ups. (For bronze and any other cards you have for these clubs.)


Some of the predicted match ups next week:


 SL Benfica 
 FC Porto 


 Manchester City 




 CSKA Moskva 


 Cerezo Osaka 
 Gamba Osaka 




If you have any of these, either sell them in the hype on Tuesday rather than anywhere near minimum value. (6pm Tuesday is the reveal time.)


Or hold onto a few if you fancy completing it, I tend to do the MM but its hit and miss as its pack luck.


The week after is international week, I dont know how useful that is for selling int he hype.

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So i've never really gotten into this but just loaded up the app to see if I can make some funds and to be honest, the 3 packs I opened up right away I stuck straight on the transfer list as there's no one I would keep.


The only other player I got was Vidal, should I sell him now or hold onto him for the foreseeable?

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After playing the demo I thought fifa 19 seemed decent so ended up caving.  The new custom tactics are so much better, It feels like I actually control the team now.  There are a few bugs but the only thing that actually needs a patch is tone down volleys.  It's insane how many overhead kicks you see.  So far it's a definite improvement. 


Got the sbc packs saved for otw this evening.

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I've not settled yet, but one thing I've noticed is that if you have fullbacks on 'stay back while attacking' they really will do exactly that! I switched them to balanced as it was blunting my attack.


I finished last year with 4-2-3-1 (with 3 CAMs) but it remains to be seen if it works well in this version.

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Right i'm rich.... I've amassed a transfer profit of just under 900 coins.... :(


I have an awful lot of cards though ^_^


Think a lot of my time will be spent doing this today with the intention to start building my starting team up this evening.

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