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I've just tallied up my squad value, currently at about 360k. However, I'm trying to invest in special players where possible as about half my squad value is tied up in players that will start to depreciate. I've had to ditch Lucas Moura as well, he was fine but I didn't get on with either Alli or Dembele. I've switched from 433 to 424, as Ben Yedder was a little isolated - I've only played 3 games but the support from Angel seems to be paying off.


As for my next purchases, I'm looking at the Spanish right back in the current TOTW, before saving for Modric.


If anyone is looking at TOTW players, I tracked the price on Ben Yedder for most of last week, and he was cheapest at Monday day time - he seemed to bottom out at 55k before rising again to around 65k, and is now hovering at 71k. Even if you don't want them in your team, there's money to be made there.




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Hello Mr Ramos you horrible bastard.




I still fucking hate this game though, Im so shit at it. Got massively frustrated pissed my pants, spent every penny I had (200k on packs) did all the SBCs, ended up with Firminho (sold for 92k) OTW Jorginho and the best defender on the game. Now its time to build team no. 24 and see if that can get me to start *enjoying the game. (*Winning.)

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15 hours ago, Pants McSkill said:

Joao Cancello got his price range update.

Now selling at 28k. Easiest 8k profit ever.


High five to everyone who listened to me and bought him. 


So what time should we start selling our players oh exalted one? :D

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I played 3 last night and ended up 1-2-0. First game I scored against the run of play and dominated to lead 3-1 with ten left. The game then absolutely spazzed out of my and there was massive delay. Ended up making two passes I didn't want, both lead to goals. 


Second I absolutely dominated for 85 minutes and conceded late. Take your chances people!


Third I again dominated and failed to take my chances and ground out 1-0. 

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Pants Builds a Million Coins part 5 – When to Sell... or Why I Like Fridays


WARNING: These are all UTTER GUESSES and they may all UTTERLY FAIL.

Follow these at your own risk, and you may lose coins.



So you bought a guy. And now you want to sell the guy. And you want more money back than you paid for him.


“When is the best time?” is the BIG question. And the answer is... When the above is true.


There is no magical moment. While it would be nice to have a crystal ball and be able to pick the exact minute to list to ensure maximum profit, life just doesn’t work like that.

And if it did, you should be spending your time on the stock exchange, not fucking around with virtual currency that has zero real world worth.


You have to decide what you are happy with. Bought a player for 2k who now goes for 2.5k?

You have to decide if 500 coins is good enough. Or to put it another way (a better way), if 25% profit is good enough.

Do you want to risk him dropping to 1.5k, thus LOSING you 500 coins, just in case he jumps to 3k?

That’s entirely up to you. We all have different reactions to risk and reward. If losing coins on a trade would annoy you, take the profit now. If not, hold for an SBC.


Personally I take profit where I can. Any profit is a win for me.


But of course, constantly checking prices of EVERY PLAYER YOU MIGHT SELLL is a ballache. And far too much effort.

I go by the following personal rule. Generally, prices are lower on Monday, and higher on Friday. Generally.

This is due to the Weekend League. People buy the good players and build their Weekend League squads on a Friday, then sell the players on a Monday. It’s the old Supply and Demand trick.


So I sell my general investments on a Friday.


Here’s a bit of a list of what I’m selling today and what I’m keeping:


Iniesta (bought 7600, currently selling at 11,750)

Jorginho (bought 15,000, now at 14,250)

Kolasnic (bought open bid 900, now at 1300)

Rashford (packed from SBC, now at 28,250)

Jesus (packed from rivals rewards, now at 60,000)


All In Forms

All One To Watches

All Mid Level Chelsea players – for the probable Hazard PotM

Sigurdsson – He’s out of packs due to being in TotW, so I’ll wait for his price to rise further


Obviously the interesting one is Jorginho. I’m losing coins on him, but I’d rather lose a small amount now than hold, get it more wrong than I have, and then lose more coins.


But like I said above, you’ll have to decide these for yourself.

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I'm getting loads of lag between button presses.


Passing and shooting sometimes doesn't even respond after a button press, it requires a second and often by then I've been tackled or dispossessed.


And why, when I Press Square (I use alternative config, Pro Evo 4Eva!) to tackle, I do the move, I hit the ball, lunge down like I'm stretching and hang there for a second whilst the player I just tackled, gets the ball back and carries on...??? Its almost pointless doing it???


Or the tackled ball goes to another of the oppositions players, almost guaranteed and they too carry on their attack!


Drives me banana's! :omg:

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PSA: Rare CL players are going for crazy money right now due to the Champions Will Rise SBC which ends at 6pm.

(You can tell which are rare by the corners, Rares have an indent making them look more like a shield, Non-rares just have a normal corner.)


So if you have any, you might want to shift them.

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39 minutes ago, Steely said:

Gooner I am dying here and you tell me this.


What are your tactics and dont you say you dont touch them! Because if thats the case I am actually just proper shit and can no longer blame my set up. :( 


I'll give you a game tonight, that should make you feel better about yourself.... :P

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7 hours ago, Steely said:

Gooner I am dying here and you tell me this.


What are your tactics and dont you say you dont touch them! Because if thats the case I am actually just proper shit and can no longer blame my set up. :( 


This is my team



Im playing with mane and Lucas on free role, Jesus on get in behind and Lacazette on mixed(default whatever it is)


kante stay back, mkhitaryan on get in the box for crosses and free role.


tactics are balanced defending and attacking width is balanced, players in box is balanced, players on corners is 1 notch down.

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23 hours ago, Keiths_Dad said:

I'm quite glad of that, nothing worse than having some muppet run around for a minute celebrating like mad, before having to watch his tap in from two yards out three fucking times

You just do it back to him when you score..and dab the fucker too!


I like watching my good goals straight after I score, this pisses me off!

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I was 4 wins from 11 in weekend league, and realised I wasn't getting much out of my wingers, and my money was better used on players that will actually win games than protecting my coins in special players. With this in mind, and a bunch of Serie A loan players in hand, I scrapped my team and switched to 41212. I've now won 4 on the bounce, and whilst unattainable Ronaldo has had something to do with this, the shape of the team suits me much better. I'll end up with Hamsik in for Dybala, and Immobile in for Ronaldo, but the rest of the team will likely remain as is.

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