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8 minutes ago, jimmmUK said:

Out of interest, do you guys list to sell it as a BIN or a bid? For example will you set it's at the lowest BIN that Futbin is showing, or risk it going for lower than that? 


I do BIN. 

Either matching the lowest or one below. I don't want to risk the open bid not reaching the BIN.

Occasionally I'll do a bit higher than the lowest BIN - if I'm looking for a certain profit,or if the card's value isn't moving soon and I'm seeing if someone will pick up the cheapest on the first two pages when it gets close to the hour mark.

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This Ultimate Team ‘economy’ is getting out of hand. The numbers these cunts must make from players chasing the SBCs alone must be more than the retail sales of most other games.


That Hazard SBC is fucking insane. It can’t possibly be worth giving up pretty much everything you have in players and coins to get him, can it?! To get one player that is only a few ratings higher than loads of other players that are a fraction of the coins?

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Loads and loads of TotW cards on the market. Which is wholly unsurprising.


What does this mean for our discard TotW cards?

Cards from previous Team of the Weeks are out of packs. No more supply of them of them coming.

So when they are pumped into the Hazard SBC (or any SBC for that matter), the finite supply of them decreases. 


Either they'll slowly increase in value over the course of the current SBC, or when a new SBC drops that requires low rated In Forms, they'll rocket up in price. Or maybe both.


Imagine the following scenario: An SBC drops requiring 1x La Liga TOTW player, 82 overall rating.

Andre Silva, who we picked up for 10.75k, is in MASSIVE demand. 

But half of all his cards have been thrown into the Hazard SBC.

It doesn't take a huge leap to see how his price will go through the roof.





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Pants Builds a Million Coins part 6 – Celebrate the Milestones, and a Brand New Squad


Prices went bananas yesterday, mainly thanks to the Hazard SBC.

But this weekend in Fifa is also historically the market peak for gold cards. If you go on Futbin and look at any big gold players form last year’s game, you’ll see their top price is the 13th October. Prices should now slowly drop until Black Friday, when they’ll take a huge hit.

So we unloaded all our high rated gold cards, plus all our Hazard investments, plus our In-Form Matips.


And now we sit above half a million coins transfer profit.




WOOOOO! Halfway to our target! That’s not fucking bad for three weeks! Not bad AT ALL.


And we still have thirty-plus in-forms, and our three One to watch cards.


In fact, if we liquidated all of those, plus the 900 random gold/silver/bronzes, we could creep over the million mark. And if not, we'd get damn close, that’s for sure.

But we’re not going to do that, as it would be a terrible waste of coins, and we’d miss out on shed-loads of future profit.

Initially, I wanted to see how well we could do for the first couple of weeks, but now I think we can hit a million before Black Friday. I don’t want to buy a big team before then, as we lose so many coins when it hits. I’ll learn the game over the next month with some ‘cheap beasts’, then hopefully hit that million and build a team proper when prices drop.


But it makes the game harder for me. And in case you weren’t aware, I’m utter crap at Fifa. Do I really want to be running around against Premiership All-Star Credit-Card XI with a bunch of 900 coin no-hopers?


If you’ve read my posts you’ll know that popular In-Forms have a tendency to rise in price. The ol’ Supply and Demand dynamics in play. So one way I can improve my squad and not lose massive value is by using In-Forms.


And these are the chaps that’ll try and keep me in Division 5 for the foreseeable future.



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