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1 hour ago, Timmo said:

I'd really recommend splashing out on strong centre backs, shadow cards and a good goalkeeper. I have De Gea, Sokratis, Rudiger and I'm keeping clean sheets. I couldn't even dream of clean sheets last year.


Yeah, having quality lumps of meat in front of the keeper is a must.  I'm lucky I suppose, that one of mine (Manolas) is pacey anyway, which is good as I can't find any poxy shadow cards for sale anyway.  

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7 hours ago, Mitchell said:


Sorry, it's single or double flick, I'm getting mixed up with the old double/triple tap crossing. 


Single flick the right stick to knock the ball on (when sprinting), in the direction you flick the stick.  A single flick knocks it on a little, a double even more.  If your guy is fast, as you run a teeny bit quicker without the ball, you can easily stay ahead of the defender if you knock it into space.  Do it before your winger/attacker has even recieved the ball.  Then you can do it again while running, to stay ahead.  


Weirdly, it doesn't show the double flick in the instructions....just the single.  




I recorded a clip for you @Pants McSkill, with my PHONE.  Fucking PC's.  


This was 3 double flicks in a row, Cuadrado vs. Marcelo.  



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16 hours ago, Mitchell said:


I recorded a clip for you @Pants McSkill, with my PHONE.  Fucking PC's.  


This was 3 double flicks in a row, Cuadrado vs. Marcelo.  




Reckon if I' of tried that, my winger would of passed to the guy infront of the Keeper. Always seems to want to pass forwards with me.


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1 hour ago, Pants McSkill said:

@Mitchell - Alright, I knew you could flick RS to push it forward, but I didn't know you could double tap or that you could do that while receiving the ball.


Now I'm wondering what other tricks or controls I'm missing.




Double tap A or X (depending on console) does a slightly chipped pass.

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11 hours ago, Ballzzie said:

Look at this bullshit




And in Rivals no less, looks like I’ll be down in Div 10 by the end of this bollocks.


Why would you bother with any of this shit? The reward is an 85 Zaha. Just ignore it.


The icon objectives are far more reasonable.

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Investment tip - go balls deep on Verratti, I reckon. I've done a little digging, and found that my previous assertion that Monday and Tuesday were the best time to buy was bollocks, and prices have been lowest on Saturday and Sunday for current TOTW players.


Why Verratti? Well, he's an 87 card for about 37k right now, which isn't too bad, but the card itself doesn't look too bad either, despite the lack of pace. Ultimately though, the CM prospects in Ligue 1 are atrocious, and as such anyone looking to build a Ligue 1 team will be forced to at least consider him. I'll be looking to buy at least 5 this weekend, and hoping to flip them on either Thursday or Friday ready to reinvest next weekend.

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Which icon(s) is everyone eyeing? I think Ballack or Keane for me. Should stay in the team until TOTS and will always help with chem. There are 24 tokens available altogether so should be pretty achievable.


Schmeichel (86) - 6 tokens

Okocha (87) - 8 tokens

Guardiola (85) - 8 tokens

Giggs (89) - 9 tokens

Nesta (88) - 9 tokens

Roberto Carlos (86) - 11 tokens

Crespo (85) - 12 tokens

Kluivert (86) - 12 tokens

Klose (89) - 12 tokens

Ballack (86) - 14 tokens

Pirlo (88) - 14 tokens

Keane (90) - 15 tokens

Rivaldo (87) - 15 tokens

Wright (89) - 16 tokens

Ferdinand (85) - 16 tokens

Rui Costa (90) - 17 tokens

Zanetti (92) - 17 tokens

Sanchez (89) - 17 tokens

Base Icon Pack - 18 tokens

Butragueno (87) - 19 tokens

Gerrard (89) - 19 tokens

Hagi (91) - 20 tokens

Owen (91) - 20 tokens

Drogba (89) - 23 tokens

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If it was Mid Ballack then I would, but had Baby B in F19 and wasn’t impressed.


Riu Costa was the first Icon Sbc I did in F18 and he was great. Miffed that they want 19 for Base Butra, loves his Prime card, best player from 19 for me.


Prob get Rui.

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