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Ahhhh Scream Cards... I reckon chance that a striker card drops which people will want and it brings Ben Yedder's price down...

PLus I bet he drops a bit after weekend league.


...As long as he doesn't get a hattrick tomorrow...


Yeah I'm taking the money. 80k is huge profit. if he's 260k after WL, I'll pick him back up.

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40 minutes ago, Pants McSkill said:

Might try something properly pathetic. I've got 12 packs, I'm going to open them bang on 6pm.


See, EA want new scream cards on the market, and so they'll adjust pack weights for the first 20 minutes to put more out there.


This means I will DEFINITELY pack one.








Italian... CB....






Got more boards!

PORTUGAL.... CDm.. never mind.









Fucking trolls.
















Fucking hell.




Boards in last pack.

Spanish. Yeah ok.

Goalkeeper. Ok.

Casiallas. Yep, what I expected.


Who else is in this pack...




Wait hold up... 




In summary lads, 6pm pack openings totally worth it.



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Found Guardiola solid but boring to use, so I sold him and I'm now trying Zanetti's 87 card. It's a shame you can't combine Zanetti with any icon other than Schmeichel but he's probably the only swap you could guarantee would stay in your squad all year, and from the few games I've played so far with him he's an incredible midfielder. If he doesn't hack it there long term I'll be sorted at RB for the rest of the game and have a potential strong link to Messi.

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Done Marquee Matchups and got shit all in the packs except for one of the premium player packs or whatever it was with 3 rare players guaranteed.


Scream Kroos, De Gea and Harry Kane all in one pack which was obviously nice but I just think it highlights the big problem with the pack system.


How can we as a group open so many packs and get the same shit rare players time after time and then one pack have 3 high rated players like that in it.


Surely the % is wrong on the chance to pack x rating or x special card.

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11 minutes ago, gooner4life said:


Is it really acceptable though? 


I would honestly love someone to blow the lid off it and prove you right because I do think there's something dodgy somewhere.


Personally I think historical spending is linked to pack luck, I think they give you good packs to tempt you into spending again. People like me and Pants who have never spent are given shit because we have never given money. I'd love if that could be proven.

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There might be something to it, I got Salah and Kane in the same pack, and I wouldn't put it past EA to have used their metrics to determine my current in game situation may have been susceptible to a little encouragement to spend cash.


Fairly certain that the only spending on packs I've ever done is when I've had a surplus of Microsoft Points (remember them!) due to the weird quantities you had to buy them in.

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The ones that spend probably have their PayPal or card details linked. EA are a business you are the customer they want to reward loyalty and give you little samples now n again to tempt you to pop another tenner on some points. I don’t see why they wouldn’t use this to make zillions.

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2 hours ago, Timmo said:


I would honestly love someone to blow the lid off it and prove you right because I do think there's something dodgy somewhere.


Personally I think historical spending is linked to pack luck, I think they give you good packs to tempt you into spending again. People like me and Pants who have never spent are given shit because we have never given money. I'd love if that could be proven.


Just for the record, before we do go into this, I just want everyone to know that I'll never judge anyone in anyway for buying packs, and I'm genuinely chuffed when everyone pulls great cards - even gooner's ridiculous 500k pack above. I like our little community and I'd far rather you all got Messi than some random spotty sweat-drop-back-dab cunt.
It's not that I disapprove of buying packs, it's that I disapprove of EA's practices (especially marketing gambling to kids), and so I personally refuse to give them more money. 


Let's try and break this down.


We've got what, 6-7 years of FUT experience in this thread right? It's been shown over multiple versions of the game that some of us have better 'pack luck' than others.

Gooner does consistently pull better players than Timmo every version. Mackenie pulls better than me (genuinely no offence in any way, just using examples here).

It's a standard that those who spend more money get better pack pulls.


Now there's a couple of things to be careful of - namely the reporting of good pack pulls in here, and the amount of packs opened.

We don't know how many SBCs Timmo does vs Gooner, so that may sway results. If Timmo barely does any, while Gooner is smashing every single SBC going, of course he'll have a higher quantity of remarkable pulls.

However... I do FUCKLOADS of them. I do almost every SBC released that isn't a highrated special card. I even prep league SBCs (halfway through the championship as we speak. Barnsley is a fucker.) Mackenie, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there's a good chance I do either the same amount or more than you.

We also don't know if people are being quiet about a solid pack pull - perhaps mine and Timmo's annual Road To Glory missions make people slightly uneasy about bragging... Maybe they feel bad for us or maybe they don't want us thinking 'of course you pulled that, you give money to the man'.

But... we know that can't be the case with Gooner because he's always joining in with the chat. And again, correct me if I'm wrong Mackenie, but you certainly have never struck me as the type of person who gives two shits about what some forum fools thought of you.

And.. why would me and Timmo lie? 


Yeah, sample size, but I think the above means we can rule out an SBC completion or Pull reporting discrepancy.


So, we now know that some profiles have a marker/switch/higher pack luck ratio. And we know it remains consistent over multiple versions - ie it doesn't reset with a new Fifa.


What reason could there be for this? It makes no sense for EA to just randomly assign this to clubs when they are created. If anything, it's another bit of code that could go wrong.

We do know that profit drives EA more than anything else - they're a multinational conglomerate. Of course it does.


So there's the motivation there for them to use pack luck as a way of increasing profits. It is a form of gambling, it's no different to the mechanics behind a slot machine.

Put money in, maybe win a prize.
And much like the casinos in Vegas handing out comps, EA would give out incentives to get people to put more money back in. Except in EA's case the incentives don't cost them anything. It's just a virtual card in a video game. It's some 1s and 0s.



1 hour ago, ryanski said:

Hold on let me get this logic - people spend money on packs and get sod all except immediate buyers regret. Some time later while opening a pack that cost nothing you get good stuff. That somehow is all a ploy to encourage more spend? :blink:

It's the winner's dopamine hit. The memory of the joy of winning stays longer and has more resonance than the misery of losing. If it didn't work this way, every betting shop in the world would go out of business overnight.


So... it's a simple theory. Here's a player who historically has paid in real money for packs ingame. EA look at him, see he hasn't bought any for a while, give him a little dopamine hit... and he's more likely to put more money in chasing the hit.

And the best thing about this from EA's point of view, is that it actually helps them if people talk about this. If you're someone who has put money into the game and you agree with everything I've written here... You'd now think you had the 'better pack luck' switch and you'll buy more packs because you're more likely to pull a better card.


OF COURSE this is all just a theory. OF COURSE we have no evidence for it.

But I'm a firm believer in Occum's Razor and simply put, if I can think of this, I cannot believe for on second EA haven't. And I ESPECIALLY can't believe they would turn down literally millions of dollars worth of profit out of some sort of notion of fairness.



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Sidenote: Something I find very interesting is the smaller discrepancies. Gooner seems to pull better than Mackenie. Maybe he's spent more in the past.

HOWEVER... I've had better luck than Timmo the last couple of versions. I've pulled Demebele, Neuer and Martial this Fifa, Timmo has pulled... nothing? Maybe I've done more SBCs and opened more packs... but how many more? 

Maybe we should run a test for a Fifa where we open exactly the same packs... or maybe we should do something better with our lives like getting drunk with girls.

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