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Nice team! I reckon you're lacking defensive cover in central midfield, the 3-4-3 doesn't have a CDM so you want to have a look at 'workrates'. These determine how far attacking or defensive players will position themselves.

Both Draxler & Junuzovic will be flying forward at every opportunity leaving you very open to the counter, so I would replace Junuzovic as soon as - try Jermaine Jones or Simon Rofles instead.

When buying staff etc is there anyway to tell which people you already own whilst in the transfer screens?

Not that I know of. I would add the to my watchlist, go back to 'My club', search by staff an if I still wanted to buy them, go back to the watchlist to grab the card I'd spotted.

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Thanks for the player tips. I am noticing a lack of cover in midfield but I was struggling so much to create chances previously I was keen to get the attacking side of my game going. Seems to have worked as I just lost narrowly to another gold team (4-3) despite having a man sent off early on (very harsh decision!). Need to get my defending sorted now - at the moment I'm holding X then pressing Square when I get a chance to nip in but often get people running past me quite easily.

How important are staff by the way? Ive not actually bought any yet but already have my chemistry at 100.

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One small tip, always pay a couple more hundred for players that are already loaded with the chemistry style you want, it's cheaper than applying the cards yourself. (Press l2 on the team select screen to learn about chemistry cards, which are permanent player mods)

Your ultimate defence should all have shadow mods.

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Feel like I'm on the verve of giving up with this game altogether - most of the training sessions are stupidly difficult and would be be impossible to do in a match. I mean, when I'm struggling to get to 1,000 points in a simple passing challenge there's no hope. So frustrating.

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Ah don't bother with those.

I know, but at the moment, being pretty new to FIFA, there must be more to the game than what I've seen in my first few matches, as all I'm doing is spamming thru balls and hoping for the best. I've learned how to lob so that's something!

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I hunt around for very desirable players, look at what their lowest buy-it-now price is and try to grab a 'non-buy-it-now' version for 10-15% less.

So for example, Chelsea's Oscar: He's premiership and Brazilian, plus has decent pace and good skills.

He goes for about 4.7k (depending on time of day), so picking him up for 4-4.3k and re-listing him makes good profit if done regularly.

A few pointers: This method works with all prices - picking up players for 350 and selling them for 400 still grabs you coins. Having said that, it helps to have plenty of spare cash.

So with Oscar, I'll use the 'Max-Price' option to set a 4.1k limit, then throw bids of 4.2k on all that I can see.

You won't win most of them, but you should win a couple here and there. Then re-list at 4.7k or 4.8k and Profit!

It sounds like a ball-ache and not worth the effort... however using the app on my phone I do this whilst:

On the train

Eating lunch

Having a shit

It's amazing how many coins you can rack up in a fairly short space of time.

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Another good system when starting out (or at any time really) is to find half decent players and grab them for 350 coins.

So you need to look for:

League: BPL, La Liga, Bundesliga

Pace: At least 80

any other stat: at least 80

Search by the league, then put max price at 300. Throw bids of 350 on any player that matches these criteria, then the ones you win, re-list with a buy-it-now of 450.

95 coins profit each time and it really racks up fast.

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Got myself to Division 1 last night, once I have Alaba (22,000! What a rip) my Bundesliga team will be pretty immense:




-Alaba-----Toprak (IF)---Boateng---Pisczek

But now I'm at the point where everyone I want to buy is stupid money. 70k for Lewandowski. 120k for Reus (him and Ribery are the only 80+ LMs in the league). Winning Division 1, against all the best players, 8 wins from 10 games, nets you 15,000. Rubbish!

I think I might just start buying packs with my money, at least it adds an air of unpredictability. Has anyone had any luck with them? I'm guessing the chances of getting an IF player or 85+ player are minimal.

In other news I faced this yesterday:


How the heck do you ever afford that? It's a £3m team. I also faced someone the other day who had an IF Ronaldo and Messi up front. Just how? Both players were rubbish, funnily enough, the only goal scored against me in either match was a 40 yard rocket from Ronaldo from kick off. Javi Martinez with his 10 pace smashed all the tiny midfielders up.

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I think I might just start buying packs with my money, at least it adds an air of unpredictability. Has anyone had any luck with them? I'm guessing the chances of getting an IF player or 85+ player are minimal.

I got an IF Navas in my first ever pack on 14. *runs away*

My team is slowly getting better. I still don't like it though. Well, the left side, anyway.


I'm not keen on Young. I've been playing Marchisio instead of Fellaini, even though he drags down Young and Kompany's chem to 8, as opposed to 10's all round. I'm absolutely loving playing with Vidal and Candreva though, they are awesome. Balotelli seems better that 13, but it seems Di Natale isn't as sharp as the last time out, for shame.

I'd love to get some more sexy players for the left side, but it means probably getting rid of Kompany. I really want to Young out, he's go no left foot really, and while Cole is solid, he's not very agile or nippy with his feet. Get's caught sometimes.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas for that whole left side chunk of 4 & the keeper(Kompany/Cole/Young/Fellaini/Hart) any ideas welcome. I have about 54k too, and can sell that lot as well, so...what's that...115k to play with?

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Italians are shite down the left for defenders though, as are MIlan. :(

I've gone for Lavezzi at LM, as that means (with an IF Maxwell at LB) I can scratch my Thiago Silva itch. Can't believe he's so cheap now, only cost me 30k. Wasn't he ridiculous prices in 13? Just waiting on the last piece of the puzzle, then I'll pop a pic up...

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Boom. All 10 Chem with an Italian manager & Ligue 1. Wanted Pogba, but he screws everything up. Matuidi seems great, very strong. His tackling is as good as a CB! Maxwell needs a little defensive boost, but I'm not sure about having Powerhouse on him? I need to look at some of the chem styles, as they're not all mine...

Cheers Timmo. I have El Shaawary on the bench alongside Criscito. Skint now!

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