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I gave away every win first thing Friday morning.  Done in about half an hour :D


You still get 2 picks that are awful and the packs give you nothing so I feel like I saved several hours for the same result :D


I have too many untradeable players.  I want to fit as many in as I can but my team ends up terrible.  Plus I've now tried mbappe 3 times and I just don't think he's good.  I cannot get on with him. Just use your coins to try everyone you can.



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A real, genuine chance at 12 wins in WL snatched from me by delay. I'm 7w/8L (I think) with 5 to go, and I've had 4 games lost by a one goal scoreline, all of which were thoroughly undeserved, all of which I am certain I win when I can pass first time to escape the press.


Give me three of them, and I back myself to get 2 more wins.





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Back into rivals, and it's like an entirely different videogame. Sailed into division 2 with 5-1, 4-0, and 7-2(!) victories.


I've never been division 2 before. I know the new system isn't an equivalent of the old system, but I never even made it to Div 3 in previous versions.

So yeah, div 2. Nice.

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Pulisic 😒


Surely these cards wont actually make it into anyones team, unless they are getting FIFA for Christmas maybe and even then should be looking to replace these guys quickly. FFS even Mbappe would struggle to justify a subs place in most teams.


But hey, Winter Warriors or whatever the fuck is out in a day then Prime Icons shortly after so wooooooooooo! Pricks!!




I say that, but I will of course be selling 90 Figo and 86 Larsson so I can get Prime Larsson when he is available :)

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You can halve them though @Timmo



Combined objectives

Silver + Argentina + Silver Beasts = 6 wins
Brazil = 6 wins
Eredvisie + First Owned = 6 wins

Why First Owned Eredivisie?
If you have been a grinder and obtained most of the milestone/objective players then you should already have the following first owned players

Versus Tagliafico
Foundations Openda
Foundations Mac-Intosh
Foundations Owusu
Foundations Bijlow
Storyline Van Ginkel*
ECLTOTGS Silver Star Wittek

You only need to pack 4 Eredivisie players and everyone and their dog has atleast an untradeable Tadic sitting in their club I’m sure of it

Why Silver Argentina and not Silver Brazil?
Because there is a tonne load of silver Argentinian Libartadore/Sudamericana players you can snap off the market. Also most people forget to search them as they won’t show up if player quality is put to silver. Just snap up libartadore/Sudamericana Argentinians rated between 65 and 74


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@Timmois right about the squad battles, it’s so dull to play, especially with rubbish players like I’ll be doing for the Eredivisie as I have none of the objective or SBC players. 

Good shout on the Argentina silvers, I only had three but loads of them in the libatartadore/sudamerica clubs so I’ll be able to do that first owner/silver/Argentina in one fell swoop. 

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Balls, just gone 4-5 in qualifying. Had two opponents quit out at 1-1 when I got a penalty, had a loss on pens after being 3-1 up in the 90th (the rebounds in this game...), and had a game where I had fifteen shots and lost 1-0. 


I had time to play this weekend too. The token for winning 12 WL games may now be out of reach.

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