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The team! Wasn't really the best team I could make, Went for mobility in midfield instead of craft, Harry Kane made this formation work for me like Ageuro never could!


It probably helped me that he wasn't that quick or had very good dribbling so I didn't over do it with him like I would other high rated players, his finishing was immense and free kicks. (Lolz)


The last few games I played like an utter cunt, I recorded my final game, may upload it so you can witness how truelly horrible I was.


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8 hours ago, gooner4life said:

I've got 250k - @Timmo where/how/who do i spend it on

I'm not sure what you're asking but I'd recommend La Liga this year for your first team, and particularly the following players:


Bakambu/Pato - Still not sure which I prefer but both fill the fast striker looking to get beyond the last man role very well.

Morata - Morata has been awesome for me. Tall, physical, fast strikers are great in this version. With your money I'd probably go for Benzema instead as a straight upgrade.

Ben Yedder - properly amazing at CAM for me. 5* weak foot and he snakes in and out with his agility and dribbling. Put a chemistry card on his which helps his passing.

Prince Boateng - incredibly strong all-round mid, the Dembele of La Liga.

Turan - Cheap Iniesta with much better defending and physical. Bargain at CM.

N'Diaye - An utter beast CDM, so dominant.


Defence whatever, but look for pace at full back and physical/defence for centre backs.


Keeper at least 6'3".


Put appropriate chemistry cards on everyone. I still like Guardian for my back line and CDM as I think it decreases dodgy touches.


You need two teams this year (information released by EA shows fitness to be very important. Aim for 95+) and to alternate matches between the two. My Serie A:







De Rossi


Then, again, whoever in defence.


Both teams play really well with nice balanced midfields (4-1-2-1-2 (2)) and I've won 10 in a row now after a shaky start. Two main tips remain: learn to use the left trigger and keep off sprint during build up.

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who are people buying and selling for FUT. i bought fifa this year after skipping a few years and I'm struggling to het anything going with the earlier players. It looks different now as last time i played speed was everything but players seem noticably slower with the ball this year and strikers can miss some real sitters. 


i dont need a messi or ronaldo but it looks like i'll need to trade up about 50k to get a decent team.


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I might be a bit biased saying this as I am a Birmingham City fan. But Che Adams has been quite impressive for me so far. He's silver rated but his pace of 89 and his shooting is quite good for a silver player. Seems to be banging them in for fun for me anyways.

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If anyone has any extra gold players the squad builder 'Gold Upgrade' is pretty great.

- trade in 11 gold players, minimum chemistry of 40


Recieve 2 rare gold players (both untradeable).


I've done it 4/5 times and ended up with Willian, Keylor Navas, Aurier amongst a few others. Seems like the odds of getting something decent are slightly higher than traditional pack luck.

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On 02/10/2016 at 14:27, AlfromSleep said:

Managed to get 100 chemistry for the first time using a small amount of coins. Had packed quite a few Spanish players so went down that route



Your manager looks so happy. Iv just started again on Xbox, having no catalogue items sucks 

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On 04/10/2016 at 13:14, Timmo said:

Pato, no?


He's good in this. 



Good shout Timmo! Snapped up Pato for 1100 last night, perfect fit for my squad,and he's now sitting on 8 goals in seven games for me. Only downside is 2 injuries in his short time with the team! Packed Luis Enrique too, a nice addition to my Spanish centered side.


Just added N'Diaye for 650, dem stats!!!!

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