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Shenmue III - PS4/PC | Out Now!


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Have they? What core-focused, unprofitable games are they bankrolling, apart from The Last Guardian?

EDIT: that sounds a bit aggressive. I just thought the 'for the gamers' stuff was more of a branding exercise than a development philosophy; I don't think them funding The Last Guardian is some kind of philanthropic exercise, it's probably more that it would be more damaging to cancel it than to keep going.

Oh it was definitely a branding exercise, but they've followed through with stuff like their third party relations segment, (hosted during the Playstation Experience) where they tasked a team to bring the most requested games to Playstation platforms. Stuff like Yakuza 5 was warmly received, despite it only having a niche following in the West:


You can see the full thing above. There's definitely stuff which was likely coming anyway and stuff which absolutely makes financial sense to release, but there were also a lot of Vita announcements which I'd imagine are going to struggle to break even, but they're worth doing for the goodwill alone.

So in the context of the original post I was responding to, I think it's fair to say that Sony are open to funding titles like Shenmue 3, even if they probably won't recover the costs of production... at least directly.



... and just as plausible:


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Sega would've stuck to its perfect 2D Saturn system, Nintendo would've wow'ed everyone with an Ultra 64, Virtual Boy would've cleaned up afterwards, the VR revolution would've started earlier, Apple would've never gotten as far as to redefine mobiles, VR goggles would be the defacto comms device…

Oh, and Sega would still be creating awful Sonic games to recapture lost glory.

The Pokemon craze worldwide would have never ended, causing Nintendo/Game Freak to own the entire planet.

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After seeing how Bloodstained, an indie game in a very niche genre with a contingent of die hard fans, managed to garner over £5 million in a month through kickstarter, I no longer know what to think any more. I reckon there's a real chance of this happening if a publisher decides that nostalgia dollars are there and ripe for the taking.

EDIT: Erm, publisher meaning Sega obviously!

On the other hand, it's more a damning indictment of the Rising Cost of Games, when even a faux 2D game will set you back the best part of $10 Million to make now.

Sony last said they don't fund big budget third-party exclusives, and true to their word, they haven't so far.

As I proposed AGES ago, if you really want a sequel, get the cheque book out.

100,000 people X $300 should get you there. Now you just need to figure out if there are 100,000 people desperate enough to want to bring it back to life, without any knicknack bribes to tempt them. And as at least 1 Million people bought the games, you'd be looking at a 1 in 10 hit rate, plus people have had nearly 15 years to save up for it. I'd chip in for that amount no problem.

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Watching the kickstarter currently pledged amount incrementing by thousands of dollars by the second is a sight to behold.

Remember when this would never happen because not enough people would be interested?

I'm going back to bed. This'll probably be funded by the time I'm up again.

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