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I much prefer the slow, considered style of the first Crash game to the run fast into things then remember where they are next time model that all sonic games use. The first crash game also has a great difficulty curve and some brilliantly designed levels. The only thing that is iffy is the early 3D collision detection.

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Has anyone played them recently? How do they hold up? All those loading screens seemed sort of worth it because it was such a huge, detailed, incredible, beautiful world, but I imagine it gets pretty frustrating now that we're in an era of almost seamless open worlds.

And the controller...

I'd love to re-play them, but in truth I'm scared to go back and taint what is one of my fondest videogame related memories.

The original DC game can be played via emulation now in 1080p, cutting down on the godawful disc access problem, the Xbox port of the sequel is pretty good imo, it might be missing some of the DC stuff graphically, but performance is better, still looks great, not bad for a decade+ 3D polygon game aiming for some recreation of reality, rather than relying on stylised imagery to remain timeless.

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