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Kirby Triple Deluxe - Kirby Fighters DX - Dedede's Drum Dash DX

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So, Kirby Triple Deluxe then. Hal's new handheld Kirby game. The very first gameplay details were recently revealed.

- Apparently, this time there's a new "bell" power-up, and with this power-up, Kirby holds a bell in each hand, and has a bell on his head. The bell attacks with sound, and pressing the button repeatedly makes the sound even louder. You can go inside the bell to protect yourself.
There’s also the beetle power-up, and a “Hyper Nova” power which seemingly allows Kirby to “turn rainbow”. Kirby will suck all the things up in super-powered suck that has been featured in the trailer while using this power-up. Swallowing beanstalks triggers the "Hyper Nova" power. This power-up only appears in some stages though.
- Sucks things up, spit things out and open new pathways
- Some stages have you tilting the 3DS
- Mini-games featuring King Dedede
- 1-4 players for mini-games
- Collect over 250 Key Chains, which celebrate Kirby’s history yay!), which you can then trade via StreetPass.
- One of the mini games involves jumping on drums while trying to reach the goal.
- Seems the name of the world is Floarald(o) (Furorarudo), floating in the sky.
Seems a bit like a play-it-safe Kirby, rather than the exploration of new gameplay mechanics found in Mass Attack and Power Paintbrush. Still looks lovely though.
First trailer:
Official Japanese website: >> http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/balj/index.html
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