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Game of Thrones (Telltale Games)


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Gamespot just gave Ep 5 9/10

Downloading it now, only finished Ep 4 a week or so ago and judging by the spoiler free review I am going to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster that stands up besides those legendary moments that still get brought up years later amongst gaming communities.

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I like Mira a lot but it feels like absolutely *everything* she does is going to have terrible consequences for her. Which I suppose is the point, but somehow even amongst Ramsay Bolton and crazy Dany she feels the most vulnerable.

This. Currently I'm part way through ep 3 and I feel very in character as Mira - blundering around naively, trying to help the family every possible way, but woefully out of her depth. I'm beginning to sharpen her up a bit and to quit telling everyone what they want to hear, but I fear it won't end well.

IMO this is the best work yet from Telltale. Obviously it helps tremendously to have the existing familiar framework which is tailor made for secrets, betrayals, beheadings etc etc. Each episode rattles along at some speed and there is no risk of missing anything (unlike Life is Strange where I've missed a bunch of secondary decisions already). Trying to exercise restraint, working out who to trust, who to keep things from; it's excellent so far.

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Feels like it's building to a epic conclusion, can't wait for the next one. Although it's going to take some doing to make Gared's story pay off properly. Feels like it's limping to a conclusion as things stand, I don't see how it can resolve in a way that it feels crucial to the plot at large.

Why did Rodrik go to the port? Sure, let them end the Forrester line in one fell swoop. Argh. I guess they are going to focus on a different family if there is a season 2, there really aren't many of this one left. It sounds like pretty much all the men who could lead them (Asher, Rodrick, Royland, Duncan) could be dead at this point. I think it might be the case that regardless of the choices you make, it might just be Talia left standing at then end. If that.

I decided to let Asher live, makes sense, he is the better fighter and the one who has the respect of the sellswords. He may even be more likely to forge some sort of alliance given his history with Gwyn, if Ramsey would even let that happen.

I've been admiring Google Map's distance dithering effect recently when viewed in 3D mode. Given how much people have complained about the wobbly backgrounds in this, I wonder if Telltale could borrow a graphics programmer or two. It's a similarly cheap way to achieve a DOF-like effect, but it looks much nicer.

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The storytelling in this is excellent (those as people have said, ably assisted by investment in the show).

The last couple of episodes have been much like the last series on TV though - "Press A to perpetually increase misery".

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Grabbed the season pass on the PSN Summer Sale. I had been eyeing this for a while and couldn't resist what appears to be a real steal at 14 euro's :)

Wasn't disappointed as I played through the first episode in one sitting. It's exactly the kind of video game that conveys the feeling of the GoT tv series - save for a few moments that feel too 'gamey', such as making signature choices between A and B.

I'm planning to take it slow and play the other episodes so that I finish as the TV series picks up again next year. Or I'll be done within a month.

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I got this in the Telltale humble bundle sale a month or so ago along with Tales from the Borderlands and Jurassic Park for a tenner iirc. I actually thought it was finished so started playing it last night thinking I would play right through to completion today, but episode 6 is still AWOL. Did some reading online and latest rumours are that it's coming out a week tomorrow, so good timing on my part.

Anyway, I played episode 1 last night in one sitting, then did the other 4 today back to back. I do feel a bit game of throned out, but I thought the whole thing is really well done and slots in nicely with the world. I actually like the oil paining filter, the painterly art style is lovely at times. I really like all the characters which is pretty unusual for me, I think the writing is really good, as is the voice acting - did they actually get all the actors to do their parts? The only one that sounds off is Jun Snurr.

As for the QTE moaning - I am the first to moan about bad QTEs in games, but these are surprisingly fun when you pull them off, and are very generous with their time windows. Without them there would literally be no gameplay in the "game".

So yeah, bring on dat finale, great ending, and definitely the most gut-wrenching decision so far. The game has managed to surprise me and make me laugh several times. I'll say one thing about Ramsay, he seems to be the only one who's ever loving their life in this universe, he's always got a smile on his face and having a laugh, the cheeky chappy (I HOPE HE DIES).

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Ramsay is hands down my favourite villain in the show/game. I got to episode 3 or 4 in this but got bored because of some bug which ignored your previous choices so I've just been waiting around for all the episodes to release so I can start from scratch. Been clearing out my Telltale catalogue, did Wolf Among Us last week which I thoroughly enjoyed and I'm on Episode 3 of Borderlands at the moment. If you're correct in that the last episode of Game of Thrones is out next week that'll only leave me with Back to the Future and Minecraft to play through ^.^

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Wolf Among Us is great. I gave up on BTTF after 2/3rds of the first episode, thought it was boring. Got no interest in Minecraft, played the real game for a total of about 30 minutes once, it's not my thing at all.

I reckon Martin will pull off some bullshit in the books like having Ramsay as the only human left standing after winter has come and went, standing on top of a pile of dragon and white walker corpses laughing his ass off with the severed head of danerys in one hand and snurr's in the other.

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Yeah. Seems like ages since the last episode and we've still got nearly a month to wait.

Telltale really need to work out a way of doing episodic games properly. Finish an entire story and release each part on a regular schedule, make an event of it. Imagine how good Game of Thrones would have been if it had been ten one-hour episodes released one a week like a series of the show, instead of a bunch of two-hour episodes released erratically over the course of an entire year.

It might also encourage people to pay full price for them too - generally now they're available at a huge discount well before they're even finished, so anyone that buys these upfront is a bit silly really.

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There's no point buying one of these games until they are all out and there's the inevitable discount.

This got a discount after episode one was released. I bought it then.

I downloaded the final episode last night, but haven't played it yet. May try giving it a go later.

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Good lord I thought the final episode was going to finally kill off my 360. It ran like absolute dogshit, stuttering all over the place with audio not triggering or out of sync.

A pretty good finale all told despite the performance issues, but I don't think this is one of Telltale's best. Not sure if I'll be back for season 2 either unless there's a way of carrying my choices over to PS4. I couldn't play another 5 episodes like that on the 360.

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In the spirit of the thread, I should add my choices... (spoilers ahead)

I had Asher survive episode 4. The plan was to poison Ludd Whitehill at dinner after agreeing to his marriage proposal, but after speaking to Gwyn I changed my mind and called it off. Lady Forrester went after Ludd with a knife anyway and chaos ensued. Asher killed Gryff, Lady Forrester got shish kebabed, Ludd escaped and Asher got wounded and chucked on the back of a horse, escaping an Ironwrath in flames. Gwyn and Asher's sister found him later, with Gwyn thanking Asher for trying to do the right thing.

Mia got the chop at Kings Landing and Gared stayed in the North Grove after chopping out Cotter's heart for a blood magic boost.

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In the spirit of the thread, I should add my choices... (spoilers ahead)

I had Asher survive episode 4. The plan was to poison Ludd Whitehill at dinner after agreeing to his marriage proposal, but after speaking to Gwyn I changed my mind and called it off. Lady Forrester went after Ludd with a knife anyway and chaos ensued. Asher killed Gryff, Lady Forrester got shish kebabed, Ludd escaped and Asher got wounded and chucked on the back of a horse, escaping an Ironwrath in flames. Gwyn and Asher's sister found him later, with Gwyn thanking Asher for trying to do the right thing.

Mia got the chop at Kings Landing and Gared stayed in the North Grove after chopping out Cotter's heart for a blood magic boost.

It seems that episode 6 can play out quite differently depending on your choices, then. My episode 6:

I had Roderik survive episode 5. We went on a mission to rescue Ryon - half way through there was the choice to abandon the mission and take out Ludd Whitehill instead, but I stuck with rescuing Ryon. We saved him and killed Gryff in the process, but in the meantime Ludd had started an attack on Ironrath and it was a massacre (Lady Forrester was among the victims, and Roderik was badly injured but got away on the back of a horse)

Mira agreed to the marriage to save herself and the boy got executed in her place.

Gared stayed in the North Grove after cutting out Cotter's heart.

As great as it is that there's actually a consequence to your choices this time, I'm disappointed that a lot seems to have been left open for a sequel that they surely can't deliver on. I can't see Asher, Roderik or Mira's stories continuing now in any big way now that any of them could be dead, and Gared is either doing one of two completely different things.

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Okay, finally got around to playing Game of Thrones. First off, my choices for each episode.

Episode 1.

Gared stayed with Bowen.

Mira swore loyalty to the King.

Ethan sent Erik to the wall.

Ethan picked Duncan as Sentinel.

Ethan met Ramsay in the Great Hall.

Episode 2

Mira didn't forge Margaery's letter.

Rodrik refused to kiss Lord Whitehill's ring.

Rodrik won Elaena Glenmore's betrothal.

Gared stood up for Cotter after he stole Finn's knife.

Mira didn't kill her attacker.

Episode 3

Asher saved Beskha

Mira obeyed Margaery and avoided Tyrion.

Gared walked away from Britt.

Rodrik submitted to Gryff Whitehill.

Mira burned the Ironwood Decree.

Episode 4.

Gared brought Finn along.

Rodrik showed mercy to Gryff.

Mira kept Sera's secret from Lord Tarwick.

Rodrik ordered the Glenmore soldiers to come to Highpoint.

Asher stopped Beskha from killing the Slave Master.

Episode 5.

Rodrik did not try to stab Ramsay Snow.

Asher killed Bloodsong.

Mira did not tell Tyrion that Cersei sent you.

Rodrik chose to imprison the traitor.

Rodrik stayed behind.

Episode 6.

Mira told Margaery the truth and were dismissed.

Mira agreed to marry Morgryn.

Gared gave Cotter a merciful death.

Asher ambushed Lord Whitehill.

Gared abandoned the North Grove to march to Ironrath.

I have mixed feelings about Game of Thrones and Telltale Games. I really enjoyed the The Walking Dead but I haven't quite enjoyed season 2, The Wolf Among Us or Game of Thrones quite as much. The Walking Dead, while still being a linear narrative driven game, gave you opportunities to explore the environments. It may have been minimal but it added something to the game. A puzzle to solve hear and there. Sometimes in Game of Thrones you are given the option to look at an object. Why? Sometimes the characters don't even say anything about it. You just look at it.

The illusion of choice is often brought up regarding Telltale and people have differing opinions. I'm not against it as I don't feel every decision you make should completely rewrite the story but here's an example from episode 2 and episode 3.

At the end of the episode, Mira is attacked by a Lannister guard. The coal boy comes to her rescue which in turn leads to the Lannister guard drowning the boy in a fountain. With blade in hand, Mira has two options - Kill the Lannister guard or run. I chose the latter. In the next episode, it is revealed that this little coal boy - Tom still manages to survive the attack by an adult twice his size who should have been able to hold his head underwater. Despite being a little upset that you left him for dead, he continues to help Mira!

To me not only did this choice not really matter, it's as if the game is telling me "no, you weren't suppose to do that". It's bad writing.

Also regarding the Sentinel choice. Episode 5 spoilers.

I find it ridiculous that both Duncan and Ser Royland are ready to betray you if you do not appoint him as your sentinel, but I'm not surprised either. Again the illusion of choice.

I'm not sure it was best to involve the story with characters from the show, or at least trying to keep it to a minimum, particularly in King's Landing. Fair enough that someone becoming member of the Night's Watch might meet Jon Snow or a sellsword may meet Daenerys Targaryen but a handmaiden getting dragged into plots with Tyrion, Cersei and Margaery over something that Mira has no control over, after all she is just a handmaiden. Margaery claiming Joffrey angrily refused or something also contradicts her character from the show who obviously knew how to play Joffrey. She would know what she could or could not get away with. Episode 5 spoilers below.

Scenes involving Ramsay had little effect because I know what he's like in the show - which affects my choices towards him. You're given the option to stab him at one point as Rodrik. Why bother? I already know that I can't kill him because of his status in the show.

Regarding that house Forrester is not in the show and is only mentioned once in the book that does nothing but establish that they merely exist and nothing more, you would think that Cersei and Tyrion's dealings with Ironrath/Ironwood and the Forresters would be a mere afterthought to them. Would Cersei really be concerned about the loyalties of a little northern handmaiden from a small house? Would Tyrion need to work through her to secure a deal for Ironwood?

Telltale need to do something about their engine. It's clunky. It's probably why there are less movable sections with their recent games. Constant animation bugs.

I do like "interactive" dramas/adventures or whatever the fuck we call them but unfortunately the way these games are designed, they rely heavily on their narrative and if that doesn't hold up, then neither does the game.

And finally, let me skip the fucking "next time" screen. At least they removed it in Episode 5.

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Aye, totally agreed. Would've been so much better served by removing itself from the show. I initially found it thrilling to be able to use my own knowledge of the characters to guide my interactions with them, but they very quickly became unrecognisable from the source (Margaery in particular suffers here) and I became so distanced from anything that I just didn't care, which is a cardinal sin for a game like this.

The Mira plotline, for instance, as above...why would any of the characters give a hoot about her or what she does? Why embroil her in Tyrions storyline for no obvious effect other than getting a fan favourite some screen time? Ho-hum. A shame really.

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Weird that so much of it has been left on a cliffhanger and yet, from what I understand, so many of those unresolved plot threads can be cut completely. I'm not sure how they can give a satisfying conclusion to all players. It doesn't really feel like the end to a series but more of a precursor to a part 2.

Not Telltale's finest work but diverting enough. It's difficult for a story like this to be satisfying when it has to live alongside a larger fiction. I guess it felt like it was heading in a certain direction regardless of what I did. Of course that's always the case with any Telltale game, but I guess where the others succeed is in making the smaller choices matter more. In The Wolf Among Us for instance, you're always working towards a predetermined end, but what matters is how you do it, and how this shapes others' opinions of you. This story is more about survival against the odds than anything, and while that fits tonally with the show, it's less interesting within a typical Telltale framework of choices and consequences.

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Just finished episode 5. Really great episode and holy shit that ending.

I killed Ducan, cause you know, he was a goddamm traitor, fuck that guy.

Really didn't want to chose who stayed though as I've enjoyed both Rodrik and Asher, they're both kickarse. In the end I made Rodrik stay, seemed like the nobel thing for his character to do.

Can't wait too kill those Whitehall cunts.

Also, absolutely gutted The Beast is dead already, wanted to see him Hulk out and go through several Whitehalls

This game has really captured the essence of GOT, they've done a brilliant job.

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Yeah finished off Chapter 6 today.

Felt a let down - but in part of that could have been due to the fantastic endings to Life is Strange and Tales of Borderlands.

Too much of things left hanging for Season 2, and what was left was mostly "Press A until someone dies/suffers".

Felt like lots of choices would all end up to the same ultimate conclusion - bar some that seem too different to be settled in Season 2 (I'm thinking we'll end up like a quick "cleaning house" at the start of Season 2 like with TWD)


Did blood magic for Cottle - he was dying and suffering anyway

Took he troops South - North Grove had nebulous undefined importance, and the idea of holding it seemed futile

Tried to Ambush Ludd, but backed down on Gwyn's suggestion.

Protected the smallfolk to try and save most lives - the idea of keeping the gate seemed unachievable

Mira didn't sell out Sera - I thought Margy probably already knew the truth

Mira married the obvious traitor. She's still alive...and with her family still alive (ish) she gives him nothing

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