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Game of Thrones (Telltale Games)


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Finished Chapter 6 today. I didn't even know there was going Season 2 so was a little surprised by the lose ends.

Also looking at others choices I don't know how season 2 will go because for me Mira

got her head chopped off after refusing marriage. I'd rather her die proud than give in to that bastard and lead a life of misery

. So I don't know how that will play out differently to those who still have

her alive and marrying Morgryn

My other choices

Told Margaery the truth

Gave Cotter the merciful death because I promise Sylvi.

Let the poisoning of Ludd go ahead which lead to Lady Forester sacrificing herself by drinking the poison first and then Gynn literally stabbing Asher in the back.

Tried to defend the gate because I didn't know there would be a season 2 and thought the outcome of the gate would mean you either ended the game in vicotry or death.

Marched to Ironrath because what is the North Grove really? Or maybe that's the point, we were meant to trust Lord Forester and stay there and by abansoning it we've set in motion something really bad.

I got a overall ranking of Instinct and Nobility

It's a great story though and really true Game of Thrones. The Foresters have it way worse than The Starks.

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Telltale delivers. I just finished the first chapter, it turns out I'm not as clever as I thought.





At first I was not sure I liked how the story goes from character to character, but now I love it. The game has a 75% discount on steam, just in case here are those who hasn't played it yet.

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What I like about it is that actions have more consequences than they do in the walking dead, and the parallel stories creates an even more complex set of choices. I go from being confident to suddenly thinking I have doomed everyone. But, I can see how this can be a negative thing to some. Apples and oranges I guess.

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A little late but I finally finished this over the weekend. To be honest I found it a bit dull overall and like the TV show and the Walking Dead TellTale game after trying to be good at the start the sheer hopelessness of many situations meant that given the opportunity I was going to kill anyone the game game me the opportunity to. 


Mira's dead. I defended the gate so the smallfolk are all dead. The Lord is injured and on the run. I can't see how a sequel can follow on from it. 

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