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Neil Gaiman's Sandman - Now Netflix/WB co-production


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We don't have a separate thread for the Audible adaptations of Sandman. But here's the casting announcement for the next batch of audio episodes (I still haven't got round to listening to the first lot yet! :facepalm:)



Again: this is for the audio plays, not the TV series!





James McAvoy returns as Morpheus

Thessaly performed by Emma Corrin

Augustus performed by Brian Cox (no, not that one)

Kat Dennings returns as Death

Emperor Joshua Norton performed by John Lithgow

Lady Johanna Constantine performed by Joanna Lumley

Despair performed by Miriam Margolyes

Bast performed by Bebe Neuwirth

Odin performed by Bill Nighy

Orpheus performed by Regé-Jean Page

Delirium performed by... Kristen Schaal! :omg: 

Andy Serkis returns as Matthew the Raven

Michael Sheen returns as Lucifer

Merv Pumpkinhead performed by Kevin Smith

Loki performed by David Tennant

Nuala performed by Niamh Walsh

Destiny performed by Jeffrey Wright






I like the fact that Jeffrey Wright is playing a solemn observer of the cosmos in both the Marvel and DC universes. :D


As for Kristen Schaal as Delerium... d'you think she'll ever get worried about getting typecast as quirky forces of chaos? :lol:

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19 minutes ago, cassidy said:

Oh my fucking word. Those cheekbones, that look. 


This looks bloody on point. I'm very excited. 

He does absolutely look the part. Full of malice and prepared to fucking wait this out, and boy are you going to be sorry about it. Fingers very much crossed. 

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Aye, there's that and there's the complete other worldly nature of Dream that I am not sure they can nail. Can they make the star eyes thing look right? Or how his hair and clothes can just be shifting ink blobs?


I think it'll be good, but it'll still be hard to adjust from the comic because there'll be stuff they just can't make feel the same.

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Listening to the second audiobook at the moment. The thing that's impressed me is how they've understood that the one thing they can deliver better than the comics (the audio design) is what they need to concentrate on, while keeping the story and atmosphere intact. If they can do the same thing with the series, it could be great. 

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On 28/06/2021 at 22:06, Boozy The Clown said:

Wait this is actually happening ?


When is it expected ?


22 ?


My unrealising media blackout just became a fully aware media blackout.


The Corinthian


No don't tell me.






August this year.

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3 hours ago, cassidy said:

I am so excited for this. It looks really bloody close to the comics and 


And Merv was in the trailer.  Yay. 


Apprehensive as this is Netflix, looking at you Locke and Key!. However, Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian is on point, from what we seen is everything I imagined him to be. Still unsure about Morpheus as the comic version is burnt into my brain.


Also Merv is voiced by  Mark Hamill

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Pretty sure Mr Sandman is in the comic btw.  Well the lyrics anyway. 


Dream a little dream is the title of episode 3.   


What did you expect tbh.


And I must point out. This is not a Netflix produced show. 


WB produced it. It was just Netflix who paid the most money to show it. 


Naysayers exorcised 😉

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3 minutes ago, cassidy said:

Pretty sure Mr Sandman is in the comic btw.  Well the lyrics anyway. 


Dream a little dream is the title of episode 3.   


What did you expect tbh.





Not sure but have you heard of this small up and coming new band?.😛





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