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Your first gaming television.


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A trinitron was the holy grail for me. Could never afford one at the time.

I always wanted one of the portable widescreen models. A friend of mine at the time had one


i've got the widescreen one! :) was hankering after one since seeing them in CEX 15 years ago and finally managed to track one down on ebay in 2010.

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I think it might have been one of these


Mine looked similar to this, except it had 12 buttons for channels on the right. It was actually left by the previous owners or something.

I was blessed to play the 8/16/64bit eras on the living room Sony too though (from what i was told 84-5ish model), no idea if it was a triniton in retrospect (it stopped working around 2000, so it even saw some life with the Dreamcast before it went for good) but I bloody loved it.

A little thing I miss is the remotes being built of what felt like solid metal-like er...stuff. Every set since the remote feels like a neglected feature done in 5minutes. Plastic rubbish.

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