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The Unofficial RLLMUK Awards 2013 - the polls are CLOSED


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Game of the year

1. Dota 2

2. Guacamelee

3. Stealth Inc. a clone in the dark

4. The last of us

5. The wolf among us

6. Kentucky route zero

7. Gunpoint

8. Battlefield 4

9. The Swapper

10. Fire emblem awakening

Dota 2 was such a clear winner for me this year. I've not play a game this much since champ manager 3. I love the balance that it strikes between needing super fast button combo skills and thinking, exactly how a competitive online game should be.

Beyond that I loved both of the blinkbox games this year. I have got through last of us yet but I can already see that it is a special game.

I haven't really played that many games this year enough to judge much more but there are a few that I really have been annoyed/ disappointed by

Hall of shame

1. Plants vs. Zombies 2 - not a terrible game as such, just a farce compared to the incredible original

2. Kings Bounty: Legions - again, completely ruined an amazing series of games for me. The game is still fine but the facebook and microtransaction prompts every 2 minutes really grind.

Pile o' shame (games that I own from 2013 but haven't yet played enough of (or at all) to really judge

1. GTA V

2. Bioshock Infinite

3. Brothers: A Tale of two sons

4. Papers, Please

5. Ni no Kuni

6. Rising Storm

7. Metro Last Light

8. Monaco

9. Sang-Froid

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Game of the Year

1. Super Mario 3D World

2. The Last of Us

3. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

4. Lego City Undercover

5. Rayman Legends

6. Gone Home

7. The Stanley Parable

8. Bioshock Infinite

9. Tomb Raider


Hall of Shame

1. The Wii U not selling - for shame on gamers!

2. The Xbox One reveal - WTF, Microsoft?

3. Platform wars. Fuck off. Seriously.

4. Shit platform exclusives.

5. Kinect 2. Stop signing me out when I pass the controller to someone else. Stop it!

Surprise of the Year

1. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

2. Tomb Raider

3. The Wii U not selling

4. The Last of Us

5. Platform wars. I thought we were above this.

Most Wanted Game of 2014

1. Mario Kart 8

2. Halo 5

3. Bayonetta 2

4. Watch Dogs

5. Alien Isolation

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And that's a wrap. All of the information is now collated, so any posts/edits made from this point onwards will be ignored for the purposes of vote tallying. Thanks for voting!

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Considering how poorly I've responded previously to misunderstanding somebody's intentions, I should probably make clear - I was just trying to get a rise from you, I don't actually believe your opinion is invalid for being different to my own.

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I'll try to start pushing out the results next weekend (I've collated the GOTY and 2014 results but it takes time to write out commentary, plus I've yet to rationalise the results of the Shame/Surprise votes).

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