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BAP Season 24 Sign up - PS4


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No need to wheel out the 'surely', you've been around tobert too long. I've not said anything other than what I spouted above.. if sladie and gerry are not in then carlos joins the team next in the list.

If sladie and Gerry are legit then they are in and we'll sort shit out. Given they both posted during the 'and so's my wife' phase, I need confirmation (especially since I've not seen a peep since then).

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I've PMd them both to get a straight answer.

Not that they have given anything else of course, but they were caught up in the crazy phase which makes it unclear.

If I hear nothing by tomorrow evening then they won't be joining yet and carlos will be placed.

Carlos, hold fire on the united thing. I'll remove you from them on the site and let you know before the games tomorrow.

Sorry for messing you around.

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