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Rust - Survive on a desert island


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There was some interest in this in the Steam thread, and I've been playing it so much I think it deserves it's own thread.




United Kingdom - Garry's Version (reset 7/1, now with door sharing)

Busier server -

[EU] PVP / 3/4 Craft / DoorSharing/ 9/1 /rust-planet.org (reset 9/1, killing nakeds is frowned upon)

Avoid official servers as they tend to be packed at peak times.

That guy who did Garry's Mod, Garry, has a new game out - Rust. It's only in Alpha, so the usual warnings apply. I wasn't going to bother, but so many of my teamspeak buds were loving it I jumped in with them. Here we are tooled up on a raid.


I have played it for about 30 hours since picking it up about a week ago. You start with a rock, a torch and some bandages and have to forage for food by killing animals and secure shelter. If you sleep in the open or use your torch too much in the dark, other players will kill you. You can play with up to 300 players per server, but average is about 100. You get airdrops once a day. Unless you are tooled up, forget about going for them. Best scavenge a few ruined and radiated buildings around the island, or try and find a good recourse spot to hunker down and start building a base.

Once you've gathered shit up, and not been raided by other players with explosive charges, you can hopefully get some charges yourself in an airdrop and raid a big base and make off like bandits, packs full off weapons, armor, blueprints and recourses.

Here's our base.


It's 15 quid at the moment, but apparently will be jumping up to full price at release. TBH, I have no idea why they just didn't go full release straight away as it's more than ready.

Share your experiences here. The raids can be funny as hell. Expect the unexpected. Like a naked duded with his feet and head wrapped in sheeting.


Here's some commands I thought everyone should know.

grass.on false - removes grass, good for harvesting and shit PCs

censor.nudity false (NSFW!) - if naked, players are really naked

/share <name> - shares your doors with another player

List of (some) console commands - press F1.


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'Shoot on site' is very much server dependent. Some servers are very friendly. On 'UK Garry's Version' we have a peak of about 60 players, and it's about 50/50 until high levels where it's sometimes friendly and sometimes hostile depending on banter in chat.

I admit there's not much to do at high levels yet. There's 4 or 5 clans on our server now, and high level is mostly raids with charges to blow their house apart. You get people there on occasion but mostly they are empty, or have a sleeping body or two.

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Touch wood I haven't got stuck in rocks yet. I've had a few close shaves, but I've always managed to manouvre my way out. Try taking some boxes and the like.

Look at the console commands on the wiki.

Press F1 and type suicide and you will die and you can respawn. You can do this over and over until you are in a location you recongise too.

Most important navigation tip - look for the big mountain in the north, try not to go too far from roads as those are the populated areas, and the mountains between.

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I'm not convinced by it yet, but will plug away for a bit.

I couldn't even find a server filter option but found the recommended server eventually. Once you've played on it once it stays in your history tab.

The United Kingdom - Garry's Version is better than the other one I tried. And I managed to loot a bunch of stuff but then some mental zombie thing I couldn't out run or kill murderised me.

Maybe having a few people will bring out its potential.

Edit: I guess what I'm trying to say is that personally I'm not sure I would recommend buying it, but if you are I'll find you on mumble :)

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Updated OP.

Myself and my friends have switched over to a more populated server to get more involved in PVP and raiding.

[EU][sLP][1/2 CRAFT][RESET 6/1]

Garry's Version is back, and has been updated with door sharing, but the server is wiped.

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We moved to one called GreatBritishGaming

Regarding that Sie and Raane, checked in thir morning, Dead, and our base was wiped out. Nothing in there.

Huge erection is still intact. As was my secret shed.

Looks like we can be killed in our sleep :(

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I got killed and raped in my hidden shed as well in the course of the day, Ive gone back to the Garys Version server now, we had literally nothing left on the other one.

Have a shed built with a metal door where the big tower was.

Will sleep easier at night now

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