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Elite Software ZX Spectrum Bluetooth Kickstarter


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I can't remember the full details but it goes something like this.

Forum member and MS employee has got permission from Rare/MS to create "emulated" Spectrum* versions if Ultimate's early games on Windows Phones. All profits go to GOSH.

Atic Atac is on 1 of Elite's iPhone compilations with the Ultimate name removed. There's seems[/] to be nothing clear at how the can do this, I mean Rare/MS keep the Ultimate IP's really close to their chest and they haven't licensed to Elite. Why they don't pursue nobody knows. That goes with that maybe the possibility of licensing through a 3rd party a while back....

Anyway, when the Windows Phone release of Atic Atac was released all of a sudden Elite started to give some proceeds of the sale if the compilation featuring Atic Atac to GOSH, too.

Elite's silence remains baffling so it will be interesting to see if anything comes from these latest allegations surrounding them. Eurogamer have now got wind of it, so let's see.

Personally, I wouldn't give any of my cash to Elite regardless of my fond memories of them from the past. They treat retro fans and developers with nothing but contempt and have no care at how they go about it.

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I think they might be scrambling:

Media Coverage

On the back of the appeal first achieving its funding goal last night, it received some meaningful new media coverage for the first time since the beginning of the month. Consequently the total pledged has continued to move upward, so far (6pm UK time), today with 38 new backers (27, net of 11 cancelled pledges with a value of £790), that's 50% more new backers than on any other day since 5th January. Our thanks go to … Dave Neal at the Inquirer, Dave Cook at VG247, Simon Sharwood at The Register and David Snelling at the Daily Star.

Caution: If you are considering cancelling your pledge, relying on other backers to get the appeal over the line and then purchasing a device in the Autumn, please think very carefully before you do. You and approaching 800 others are at significant risk of being disappointed. If this appeal is not funded at 10pm on Friday 31st Jan the “Recreation of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum” will NOT happen.

which sounds like a threat, or is it just me?
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This is a good link of summary:


Definitely the most entertaining thing (the unpaid licenses and suchlike are just depressing, after all) is the fact that they've not confirmed the Bluetooth Keyboard they're selling will actually work as a Bluetooth Keyboard, it might just be a controller for their app.

EDIT: Excellent simultaneous posting there.

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With less than two hours to go they posted this "statement":

Creator Elite Systems Ltd 33 minutes ago

The project is now funded. This could not have been achieved without the fantastic support of the appeal’s backers. We will move heaven and earth to deliver the device which each of you want in September. Thank you all so, so much. Steve Wilcox, Elite.

At the time of writing, 8.00pm on Friday 31st January, 2014, some 330 comments have been posted on the forum of the Kickstarter appeal for the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum. Those comments have been posted by genuine and enthusiastic backers of the appeal. We thank each one of you for those.
Some of those comments have been posted by ZX Spectrum game developers, with whom Elite has contractual relationships. We wish to assure all of the appeal’s backers, including the game developers that have posted, that having been in business for 30 years we take our contractual relationships most seriously. We urge the game developers to set out any issues which they wish to be addressed in writing and send them to us directly, using the email address below. We will then investigate and respond in writing and in detail and if able to do so will place our response in the public domain. Email: eightbitgamers@hotmail.com

Which resolves nothing.

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and a response from the devs! I feel guilty for even owning the app...

This is from ALL the following devs:

Costa Panayi
Stephen Crow
Jonathon Cauldwell
Julian Gollop
Chris Hinsley
Mike Lewis
John Ritman
Steve Wetherill
Sandy White
Bob Smith
Ian Stewart
Simon Ullyatt
Roger Hulley

We are so enraged by Mr. Wilcox’s ‘Statement’ that we have one of our own

Given what we’ve been telling you over the last few days can you imagine how offensive we find 'we take our contractual relationships most seriously’
frankly anyone who buys that deserves to lose their money.

We ask you to not purchase any Elite product that either includes any of our games or supports IAPs of them. Mr. Wilcox has no rights to them because he has repeatedly failed to honour the terms of the Agreements with us and is as a result in breach of copyright. In the case os Stephen Crow he never even had an agreement in the first place. In a court of law he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on and he knows it. Do honestly think he’s going to suddenly change his modus operandi when it comes to this project? Good luck with that!

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Elite have updated their original statement to add -

"For the avoidance of doubt, any and all game developers with whom Elite has a contractual relationship will be paid."

I assume that means Steve Crow won't get paid, as he didn't have a contract, Elite just took his games.

This is bloody rotten to be honest. I used to really like Wilcox and Elite Systems, he was from my home town. But this leaves a really bad taste.

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Such a pisser. I'd like to say I hope they fail but because they've "won", that would mean a lot of people wasting a lot of money. So I hope they succeed enough to get the product out to backers, then get fucked over royally by the devs who they have ripped off.

It's a shame - I was looking forward to this too.

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450 emails in a day were enough to take down their domain? Like fuck. I sometimes get that many in an hour at work and I'm only one of over 120 users on the same domain.

Is his mail server on dialup or something?

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Kind of regret buying the app in the first place now - one of the draws was that the games were licensed and legit. Hope all the people involved get the money they're owed, but it's a bit shit it had to come to this for it to happen.

As for the kickstarter, if there had been a version replicating the +2, with joystick support, I would have slapped down a fair bit of cash without thinking about it.

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