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Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight


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Just watched this on a plane - so as far from the intended presentation as it is possible to be.


What a brilliant film. Lots of top notch actors giving excellent performances - Jennifer Jason Leigh was the highlight for me, all glowering and basically getting abused for almost the entirety of the movie.  Then she pulls out that little wave and the pretending to be hanged and it is hilarious.  Samuel L Jackson fantastic as always, Kurt Russell really seeming old in his character.  Michael Masden looked like James May.  Beautifully shot.   A few plot points, spoilered



Didn't like the sudden reveal of the guy beneath the floorboards.  The mystery is built up to the people in the room and it is a cheap trick to suddenly have a hitherto unknown extra character thrown in there.


Didn't think the start dragged at all, filling up the stagecoach was a great introduction to the characters.


The flashback sequence didn't quite work for me - as pointed out before, everyone was just too nice.


The final bit, where Daisy isn't this dumb woman but is shown to fully deserve her $10,000 bounty is great.


Didn't like Goggins at the start, all big expressions and eyebrow movements.  Totally won me over by the end though.


Loved it.  Just loved it.

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