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> Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

Hello Goaty ♥

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I didn't realise that Bobs son is really Norwegian and that's his real voice/accent (or at least the one he uses in his stand-up).

He's a stand up comedian. Saw him at the Edinburgh festival last year and he's really funny.

Imagine him doing half an hour of stand up in that exact same voice, delivering jokes in that exact same dry style.

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The Bob in the bath part was really shit at first; obvious they were doing a suckling pig gag with added smut of the tickling the balls... ooh er missus. Then Bob ended up as a freakish turtle scuttling up the walls - comedy gold, I had to pause the TV as I have a cough and was laughing so much, I couldn't stop cough/laughing. Bob almost killed me via the means of surreal slapstick genius.

I was worried they'd used up all the best stuff in the first episode but they haven't.

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Well, that was quick!

We are at the last episode tonght...

6/6. A magazine offers a chimpanzee as a prize to anyone who can provide a genuine photo of a ghost, and Vic instantly begins a search of the flat with Beef and Bosh. He decides to perform a seance and successfully summons a spirit, but Bob is the only one who can see it!

No spoilers! If you already know who plays the ghost!

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Vic: "Ectoplasm in the toilet"

Bob: "No that's just your night toffee Vic"

That really cracked me up, some of the dirty jokes coming from Vic and Bob don't sit well with me though. I laughed quite a lot this episode, not a bad one to end on in my opinion.

I wonder if they'll do a second series?

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