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> Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

Hello Goaty ♥

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As much as I love vic and Bob I have to say that it’s no big night out. The pilot episode was better, some of the sketches on that were hilarious (First dates and Geordie jeans). 


This is all felt a bit too small if that makes sense, as if the bbc didn’t want to spend too much on it. Big night out had more variety, a bigger stage, larger audience, more music etc. This felt like it was filmed in a living room and had a budget of a tenner. Tom Cruise was the highlight for me. 


They're still my my heroes though.

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I thought it was brilliant. I get the criticism that it felt too "intimate", when watching it reminded me of how in the original Vic Reeves Big Night Out it always felt like they were having to really shout at the audience, almost like they were playing to a big theatre, giving a feeling of it being a stage show. The new one does feel like it's being played as a TV program, both Vic and Bob don't really shout that much (better mic'd maybe) and their general movements are smaller.


It might be that they're trying to capture a bit of the original Vic Reeve's Big Night out that played to tiny audiences or that they've just evolved so much that it's essentially a longer version of the sections in Shooting Stars when they were just having banter between them.


However, it was great seeing Graeme Lister back. Would love to see more "live " character sketches like the Living Carpets, The Ponderers or Judge Nutmeg.



BTW watching this makes you realise how old you are...

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The corned beef bit was sublime.

"Ooh, yooou baaarstard"


I think I was supposed to be feeling sick by the end when bob fed vic that great big lump from the top with all horrible white/yellow fat on it, but I was still dribbling.

You could almost taste the salt.

It's always a gamble with ham, especially if you weren't there to adjudicate the steeping process.

Corned beef is your steadfast, 100% reliably salty meat. Fair play to the lads for realising this, and a well-earned lie down at the end there for a job well done.

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